The Cunningham Sisters, KCK3 – Batailles – .

The Cunningham Sisters, KCK3 – Batailles – .

As The voiceThe Season 21 Battles ended on Tuesday, we got two stellar sing-offs and two… well… others. But as John Legend, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and Ariana Grande reduced their squads to the only candidates they wanted to take to the Knockouts, a few favorites began to emerge, including the Cunningham Sisters. Yes, tweens are as cute as cartoon characters, but they’re not only adorable. In fact, they sent out a much older and more experienced contestant who delivered a completely winning performance herself. Read on and we’ll discuss how …

Team Ariana : Ryleigh Plank (Grade : B) a battu KCK3 (Grade : C+) sur « Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You) » | After the contestants went through their Christina Aguilera cover – and I got over the identity theft of Ari from Councilor Kristin Chenoweth – Coach Grande advised siblings to find individual moments to stand out, lest they feel like Ryleigh’s backing vocals. As for Ryleigh, he was asked not to increase his performance to 11 all second – sound advice, considering that for a while there she kind of delivered every line with an exclamation mark. On stage, phew. The quartet had a difficult and disjointed start. KCK3 had a great time but too many times didn’t feel as tight and harmonious as you would have hoped. (Honestly, they might have done better to compete individually.) For his part, Ryleigh gave an energetic performance that probably got as close to the top as possible without overtaking (or being Joshua Vacanti). She was fun to watch, however, and vocally more memorable than KCK3. As Blake said, she “attacked” the moment.

Team Kelly : Les Cunningham Sisters (Grade : A) ont battu Parker McKay (Grade : A-) sur « It’s My Party » | OK, show of hands: who else was like “Whaaat?” As Kelly told her team members she was considering a Lana Del Rey, Radiohead, Amy Winehouse version of Lesley Gore’s golden oldie. “It’s a little unexpected,” said Councilor Jason Aldean, the master of understatement. But as the contestants rehearsed it became clear that Kelly was a genius and that it was going to work. I don’t know if I heard Radiohead in there, but… damn it. It was good. The biggest problem Kelly heard was that it sounded too good, too “worked”, not always raw and emotional enough. When the trio arrived on stage, I started looking for shoes to throw. Parker was glorious, his voice so sumptuous and rich, I gained weight just hearing it. But these kids, man! They. Would have. Not. To be. Outmoded. They stuffed their thrill parts that were so bare and in your face I was ready to kick that guy Johnny’s ass for hurting them. Also, their harmonies were what I wanted but didn’t get a KCK3. Awesome battle. I hate that Blake didn’t use his Steal on Parker; doesn’t seem fair to her to come home after such a magnificent performance.

Team Blake: Berritt Haynes (Level: ???) defeated Kaitlyn Velez (Level: ???) on “Yellow” | Um, from how little we’ve heard from this battle, I don’t think we’ve missed much. Both contenders (who I think were also up during the blinds) sounded like the definition of a “C” grade.

Team Legend: Paris Winningham (Grade: A-) defeated Jonathan Mouton (Grade: A) on “Here and Now” – Jonathan stolen by Blake | As the contestants rehearsed their Luther Vandross classic, advisor Camila Cabello noted that there was a tenderness in Paris’s tone (which John compared to Aaron Neville’s voice). Jonathan, meanwhile, has a memorable belt – when he stays at the mic. When the spotlight fell on the tag team, they produced a lush rendition of the ballad, their vocals so synchronized you could have sworn they had been mixed in a recording studio. But who won? Hell, that was hard to say. While I’m a fan of the absolute punch Paris gave to his big notes (that hint of grater didn’t hurt either), I should go with Jonathan. I’m not a fan of too much vibrato, but his was so well controlled. I also got more depth of feeling from his performance, more nuanced shadows. Thankfully, since this was the last battle to air, we knew from the start that whoever didn’t “win” would be stolen by Blake, who remarked that the duo “sounded like a record.”

So who do you think really won the last battle? Vote for Tuesday’s star in the poll below, then hit the comments with your reviews.


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