“The court of opinion has already condemned my sister Ghislaine, but she is innocent” – .

“The court of opinion has already condemned my sister Ghislaine, but she is innocent” – .

The deep and deep concern of the Maxwell team is that, in the court of public opinion, Ms Maxwell is already sentenced. They attempt to overthrow the tanker in the face of a high-profile FBI press conference, broadcast around the world, when she was arrested at her isolated farm – or secret hideout, depending on how she is shot – in the New Hampshire in July 2020.

Mr Maxwell insists his sister is completely innocent and that although she was close to Epstein for a number of years they lived in separate houses and their lives were ‘compartmentalized’, so that she was unaware, and certainly not involved, in her predatory sexual behavior. , in which he abused dozens of young women and teenage girls.

When Epstein was first arrested in 2008 (he was then jailed after a controversial plea bargain, serving only 388 days in jail), Mr Maxwell said his sister’s name “never had been mentioned in all police reports against him ”.

He adds: “His name is not mentioned in the grand jury. The policeman who took these statements, Joe Recarey, who has sadly passed away, but his testimony is alive and he was asked these questions. Did he name her? No. Was his name on the grand jury? No.

“But here we are six weeks away from the trial, and it just seems to me that some are focusing on some of the truths in this case. This must be studied because it has not received real ventilation. This is not the case. It has all been in the public domain, but it is not the narrative. The story is that all women must be believed. Epstein was a monster, but Epstein is now dead.

“So Ghislaine is the monster and it is a woman who doubly makes her a monster. And it’s Bob Maxwell’s daughter who makes her a monster.

Mr. Maxwell remembers meeting Epstein only once, at a dinner party in Florida, where they lived, around June 1996. He and Kevin both traveled to the United States shortly after having acquitted of fraud after an eight-month trial at the Old Bailey.

“At that point, I felt their relationship was evolving. They didn’t live together. They have never lived together. She had her place and he had her place. She didn’t have the key to her door.

Mr Maxwell makes it clear that he had ‘absolutely’ no idea that she had any of the sexual tendencies of which she is accused: ‘Ghislaine is described as a worldly and flibberty gallows. But it is impossible to have been a child of Bob Maxwell and Elisabeth Maxwell and to be a flibbertaire gallows. Ghislaine is a friend of the presidents. She went to Oxford.

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