The BBC ranks the best television shows of the 21st century – .

The BBC ranks the best television shows of the 21st century – .

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Presumably deciding that the internet could use another argument, the BBC released its ranking of the 100 best TV series of the 21st century. Before you start scrolling, no, Squid game did not make the list. The recent list of popular Disney + franchise continuations, such as Loki Where The Mandalorian.

However, what ended up in the top 100 will probably surprise and delight TV fans and perhaps have them nod their heads in approval. It’s hard to argue against people like Thread or the original Office.

Of course, all that matters to everyone is the top 10, which seems a bit secure but hard to challenge. Here is the top 10:

1) Thread

2) Mad Men

3) Breaking Bad

4) Chip bag

5) Game of Thrones

6) I can destroy you

7) Leftovers

8) Americans

9) Office (UK)

dix) Succession

With the exception of shows that are still on or just aired, none of these come as a big surprise. Each of these shows has been hailed and championed by critics, appearing regularly on lists for the best TV series of the year, decade and now of the century.

Fortunately, the BBC’s list and its methodology are pretty solid. Here’s how they broke it down:

In total, 460 different series were voted on by 206 television experts – critics, journalists, academics and industry figures -om 43 countries, from Albania to Uruguay. Of these voters, 100 were women, 104 were men, and two were non-binary. Each voter listed their 10 favorite 21st century TV series, which we rated and ranked to produce the Top 100.

In short, the list is not just a ranking of the best shows on HBO, although it can sometimes look like this. The BBC’s list includes all the shows people have been calling you to watch for a decade (Thread, Mad Men) and some new features (The Underground Railroad). There are even titles that usually don’t get the love of critics, like The Big Bang Theory.

There are also some exciting choices throughout the list. The BBC Seemingly Crystallized Development stoppedfell out of favor, pinning the once-beloved series at 32. Had this list been released in 2012, it’s easy to imagine it would make the top five. It is the same for Louie, who made the cut at 94, despite his disgraced star who feeds the legacy of the series. However, it looks like another slight The weather is always good that the longest-running live-action comedy in history (which is still somehow really good) stuck at number 90.

While the list will no doubt offend some, it looks like a complete collection of the best shows of the past 20 years, even if the total absence of God’s goodness harms the credibility of the list. Still, props to attendees to include Stop and catch fire, an underrated gem that can always use a little more love.

Read it all on BBC.


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