Tesla’s Elon Musk hints at updating the vehicle’s default paint color – .

Tesla’s Elon Musk hints at updating the vehicle’s default paint color – .

It looks like the era of the White Teslas is about to end. A recent tweet from Elon Musk suggested it might be time to update Tesla’s standard vehicle paint option from its current Pearl White multilayer to something new. The CEO even appeared to hint that a beloved color may be due to a comeback.

Musk’s recent statements came in response to FSD’s beta tester @28delayslater, who frankly observed that the roads are now saturated with white Model 3 and Model Y. The owner of the Models 3 and X also asked the CEO if the now-discontinued silver paint option could be offered again. Musk acknowledged that FSD’s beta tester scored good points.

“Good point, to discuss with the team. Floki peak tomorrow, ”Musk wrote, promising he would also share a new photo of his new dog, a Shiba Inu named Floki.

A new standard paint color and the potential return of a silver paint option would likely be appreciated by EV buyers. Tesla has maintained Pearl White Multi-Coat as a free standard paint option since June 2019, and since then the company has ramped up production and deliveries of vehicles around the world. Amid the Model 3 and Y ramps, it was no surprise that a large number of white vehicles were ordered.

Prior to adopting Pearl White Multi-Coat paint as standard for its vehicles, the company had instead used Solid Black paint as a free paint option. At the time, a good number of Model 3, Model S and Model X were ordered with Solid Black paint. While the dark paint looked great, Solid Black was also prone to scratches and blemishes. Black vehicles also tended to get dirty quite easily. Pearl White Multi-Coat paint didn’t have these issues, at least not to the same degree.

With the fourth quarter starting now, it would be very beneficial for Tesla to make its vehicles more attractive to potential buyers. Offering a new free paint option could potentially help in this regard. Considering Elon Musk has announced that work is underway for Tesla to develop a better paint shop, it would indeed be high time for the company to shake things up by offering a new standard paint color for free with every purchase. vehicle.

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Tesla’s Elon Musk hints at updating the vehicle’s default paint color


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