Tesco website and app crash due to ‘hack’ when thousands cannot order – .

Tesco website and app crash due to ‘hack’ when thousands cannot order – .

Tesco’s website and app crashed due to a hack, it was reported.
Britain’s largest grocer suffered an outage on its website and app on Saturday.

But the problems have persisted until today – with consumers frantically saying they can’t edit or edit their orders.

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Shoppers awaiting groceries have hit the UK’s largest supermarket chain.

Tesco responded to angry customers on social media, telling them on Twitter that there was no estimated time to rectify the issues.

Now it has emerged that a hack could be to blame.

Tesco said the outage followed an attempt to “interfere” with its systems.

“We’re working hard to get things going,” the channel told customers.

Online, buyers receive the following message: “Sorry, there is currently a problem on our website. “

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Catty tweeted: “app / website down so I have to cancel my delivery for tomorrow because I can’t update the cart. I tried calling 0800 3234040 but the automated system tells me to cancel through the app, then hangs up. Help me please ”

Jenny B added, “What’s going on with your grocery site? Down all weekend now, no explanation. I have priority slots and couldn’t order. My daughter is expecting a delivery tonight, will that happen? lose a lot of custom. ”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “Since yesterday we have experienced disruption to our website and online grocery app. An attempt was made to interfere with our systems which caused problems. “

Warren Free wrote: “As a Tesco customer and looking at the Twitter feed… the broken website and app is a national problem. Do not distinguish between north-south or middle!

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