Tens of thousands of people demonstrate in Rome against neo-fascists – .

Tens of thousands of people demonstrate in Rome against neo-fascists – .

ROME (AP) – Tens of thousands of trade unionists and other Italians gathered in Rome to fight the rise of fascism on Saturday, a week after right-wing extremists forcibly broke into the headquarters of the most powerful Italian labor confederation while protesting a COVID-19 certification requirement for workplaces.

The head of the CGIL trade union confederation, Maurizio Landini, led the demonstration with other union leaders under the slogan: “Never again fascism”. The organizers put the crowd gathered in front of the Basilica of Saint John Lateran for the demonstration of 100,000 people,

Some participants waved flags indicating “Si Vax”, a direct response to the demonstrators armed with sticks and metal bars who ransacked the CGIL headquarters in Rome on October 9. They were protesting a government requirement, which took effect on Friday, requiring proof of vaccination, a negative test within 48 hours or proof of having recovered from COVID-19 to access workplaces.

Landini, the general secretary of the CGIL, compared the assault on the union headquarters to the 1921 attacks by the newly founded fascist party against the union organizers. Fascist leader Benito Mussolini came to power the following year and then brought Italy into World War II as an ally of Nazi Germany.

Landini said Saturday’s event was intended as “a demonstration that stands for democracy for all. This is the subject. ”

The leader of the Italian trade union confederation of the General Confederation of Labor (ICFTU), Luigi Sbarra, said that an attack on the unions led by the far-right party Forza Nuova “made the only choice to be here, united against all kinds of fascism ”. He called for the rapid dissolution of the party by the Italian authorities.


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