Tall buildings could soon be found outside of downtown Winnipeg – .

Tall buildings could soon be found outside of downtown Winnipeg – .


The tallest building built outside of downtown Winnipeg in decades could stand on a vacant lot near the University of Winnipeg.

An apartment complex is offered with a 20 story tower on Portage Avenue and Furby Street.

The site was once a car dealership.

A city report recommending approval of the project says it would be the tallest building constructed outside of downtown in more than 35 years.

Urban development professor Jino Distasio says it would be a good choice for the region.

“I love it because you know a Winnipegger, including myself, we always love to hear stories about the tallest building,” said Distasio.

The plans include 206 apartments, 172 parking spaces, 120 bicycle spaces and 9,000 square feet of ground floor space for a restaurant and five commercial units.

“I think that sends the message that development is always going to happen in Winnipeg, maybe that’s part of that piece that we need to help jumpstart the economy.”

To allay concerns that the structure might be too tall, the report says a building just across the street has 18 stories.

A parallel study was also commissioned by the developer, showing the impact at different times of the day.

Colleen Staska lives across the street from the lot and believes the apartment tower and businesses would be a great addition to the area.

“Love it, we really need it,” Staska said. But she would like the units to be affordable.

A March community consultation document contained preliminary rent estimates:

  • 1 bedroom $ 1,400 (109 units);
  • 2 bedrooms $ 1,898 (94 units); and
  • 3 bedrooms $ 3,118 (3 units)

The city report says the developer plans up to 60 accessible units and intends to provide affordable options in the building.

“Cheap, not fancy, just affordable for people who may have children and families to care for and maybe seniors,” Staska said.

The project is the subject of a public hearing at the town hall on Friday, because the land must be rezoned and a number of exemptions are requested.

If approved, the consultation document says construction could begin in the fall of next year, with a completion date of 2025.


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