Take a look at Steam Deck with Valve’s latest promo video • Eurogamer.net – .

Take a look at Steam Deck with Valve’s latest promo video • Eurogamer.net – .

We’re just months away from shipping the first batch of Steam Decks, and as its release nears, Valve has opened up their portable gaming PC to give those curious audiences a quick glimpse of its decidedly compact sound. . bowels.
“One of the most frequently asked questions about Steam Deck,” Valve explains on Steam, “is about what components it contains and whether they are replaceable or upgradeable. The answer is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no, so we made a video to explain all the details. “

Despite Valve’s willingness to expose the inner workings of Steam Deck and provide some highly requested information about its components, the company stresses that it does not recommend taking the handheld apart or replacing parts yourself. “In one way, it’s an explanatory video,” he says, “but in another way, that’s a reason you really shouldn’t be doing this video”.

Take a look inside Steam Deck.

“The Steam Deck is a very well-designed system,” he continues, “and the parts are carefully chosen for this product with its specific construction, so they’re not really designed to be user-interchangeable. Opening and replacing parts can ruin everything. up… as deep ”.

Those who don’t mind potentially damaging their Steam Deck, catching fire, or voiding their warranty can, of course, tinker with their system as they please when it eventual arrives, but for everyone, the video from Valve could provide whatever they need. .

There’s a look at detaching the backplate from the unit, replacing the bespoke controller, and the steps involved in removing the SSD from the Steam Deck – all accompanied by repeated warnings that you probably shouldn’t have anything. do it yourself – before Valve’s first public look at what’s inside the device comes to an end. “Tell us if this is useful information for you as a Steam Deck reservation holder,” he concludes, “and what else you would like to see in future updates. “

For some early reservists, Steam Deck – which starts at £ 349 / $ 399 USD for 64GB storage – will start shipping fairly early in early December, but others will have a much longer wait until the second or third. quarter 2022. Despite the potentially long roll-out, it’s still an incredibly promising gaming machine, as Digital Foundry argued in July.


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