T20 World Cup Highlights, India vs Pakistan: Babar and Rizwan star as Pakistan breaks India’s spell with 10-wicket rout

T20 World Cup Highlights, India vs Pakistan: Babar and Rizwan star as Pakistan breaks India’s spell with 10-wicket rout

DUBAI: An extremely stylish Babar Azam broke a 29-year-old spell by guiding Pakistan to a categorical 10-wicket victory over India in the ICC T20 World Cup on Sunday, their first in 13 attempts against bitter rivals from a world championship an event.
The Law of Averages must have caught up with India sooner or later after winning seven ODI games and five T20 World Cup games since they first met in Sydney in 1992.
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It was also a day when Virat Kohli scored half a century but was pale in comparison to Babar (68 not on 52 balls), who looked majestic on offense, elegant on defense and composed in a pursuit of 152, which was completed in 17.5 overs.
Worse, India has never lost a T20 International by 10 wickets and Pakistan won by such a margin for the first time, and what an opportunity to pull off the feat.
Babar had Mohammad Rizwan’s exuberance (79 not on 55 balls) to match his cool quotient as Pakistan, not for once during the entire match, seemed to implode. Between them, they reached 12 limits and five sixes to make it a “Super Sunday” for Pakistan.
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That day there was only one team that could have won and it was Pakistan, which was better in man-to-man comparison with every Indian player.
It started with the captains. On a track where Kohli struggled, Babar effortlessly found the gaps and, if necessary, hit those six as release shots.
If India lost three wickets on the power play, Pakistan literally humiliated their rivals with an opening grandstand, which will be considered one of the best in this format for years to come.

If Shaheen Shah Afridi was a rockstar with her frantic pace and sharp swing, her new balloon counterpart Bhuvneshwar Kumar played between the start and the middle of 120 km / h without any swing.
If the Pakistani troika made up of left armorer Imad Wasim (0/10 in 2 overs), leg spinner Shadab Khan (1/22 in 4 overs) and non-spinner Mohammed Hafeez (0/12 in 2 overs) n ‘gave only 44 points in their eight overs together, Varun Chakravarthy (0/33 in 4 overs) had no’ mystery ‘about him as he and Ravindra Jadeja (0/28 in 4 overs) gave up 61 points .
If there was one team that felt the pressure, it was India, as Babar seemed to be a man sitting in this Indian locker room who had no control over the debates.

In the chase Pakistan seemed in total control and Bhuvneshwar’s lack of pace and nonexistent swing allowed Rizwan to easily carry him on a square leg for a six. Skipper Babar was also elegant, hitting Mohammed Shami with his back foot and stepping back to shoot Jadeja over the deep center wicket for a six.
The 50 came in 8th and before India knew it the duo had won the match posting the highest opening position ever against India in the T20 internationals.
When India hit, Kohli got support from Rishabh Pant (39 out of 30 balls) at a 53-race pit, but had to do the heavy lifting in a pressure cooker scenario, to which he did. has been used to it for a decade.

Her innings had a five fours and a six as India pulled in a score that gave bowlers at least something to fight for on a track that can’t exactly be called batting friendly.
Shaheen, one of the most exciting fast bowlers, produced two unplayable deliveries on the biggest stage under pressure, which any hitter would have struggled to negotiate.
The hardest pitch for a fast left arm pitcher is the one that holds the line just as the batter hits the angle.
In Rohit’s case (0), before he could adjust his footwork, he got one that was thrown over a bouldering hole and straightened out. He took it straight ahead.
The KL Rahul (3) thought that the ball would recover but he formed to pierce his defense and disrupt the off-stump.
Suryakumar Yadav (11) got a six behind from Shaheen and a limit from Imad Wasim (0/10 in 2 overs) but Hasan Ali knocked down a length back he edged while trying to cut and a Mohammed Rizwan dive behind the stumps bagged him.
Pant joined Kohli as the power-play score was a disastrous 36-for-three. They added 53 points in 6.4 overs to regain momentum in a thrilling pit dominated by the southpaw.
The Indian captain showed Shaheen, who is the boss, as he made room by moving to the leg stump and placed him directly into his team’s dugout for a six.
For Hasan Ali, he reserved an exquisite practice square before letting Pant take over the show, having partially stabilized the initial rot.
Seeing that there was a fielder placed at ’45’, Pant first played a turn shot against leg spinner Shadab Khan (1/22 in 4 overs), then cut Mohammed Hafeez from the center stump. to get two limits.
But the real pleasure is when he smoked Hasan for two sixes in one hand.
Shadab had the last laugh as an untimely sweep of slog turned into a take back.
Kohli, who played second violin, then took the charge by attacking Hasan with a fired shot, then played a cover shot as 10 points came out on the 16th.
However, the Pakistani bowlers didn’t go much wrong on the death to keep the score under control, which should go to Harris Rauf (1/25 of 4 overs).


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