Sydney reopens after more than 100 days of containment – .

Sydney reopens after more than 100 days of containment – .

SYDNEY, Australia – With enthusiasm and caution, Sydney emerged from lockdown on Monday after more than 100 days of Delta’s diminished existence.

It was “freedom day”, with rules. In the state of New South Wales, where Sydney is located, up to 10 vaccinated people could congregate at the house, with the number rising to 100 for weddings and 500 for outdoor events. Bars and restaurants have also opened with mandatory masks inside when people are not eating and drinking.

But with more than 70% of the state’s adult population fully vaccinated, the first sips of normalcy were more than enough to celebrate.

“People can call him on the day they want to call him,” said Dominic Perrottet, the premier, who accidentally doused himself with beer as he tapped a keg to commemorate the opportunity. “I just think this is a great day for the people of our state based on the efforts and sacrifices that everyone has made. “


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