SwordArt quits TSM a year after signing $ 6 million deal – .

SwordArt quits TSM a year after signing $ 6 million deal – .

Worlds 2020 finalist SwordArt is leaving TSM just a year after the start of the $ 6 million contract he signed last offseason, sources familiar with his decision told Dot Esports.

SwordArt, who has played the supporting role of TSM this season, became the highest-paid player in the LCS when he signed a deal that TSM confirmed with the Washington Post was worth an average of $ 3 million a year. However, his time at TSM did not go as planned. The team failed to win the 2021 midseason showdown or summer qualifiers and ultimately failed to advance to the 2021 World Championship.

Before joining TSM, SwordArt competed with the LPL Suning team. At the 2020 World Championship, Suning advanced to the final after beating his other LPL TOP Esports team in the semi-final. Suning ultimately fell to South Korea’s DAMWON Gaming in the final, marking the first time a South Korean team has won the World Championship since 2017.

SwordArt is also the second of two top players to leave the team. Earlier today, TSM announced that Bjergsen, the franchise mid-laner who coached the team through the 2021 season, will be leaving the organization after eight years.

With Bjergsen and SwordArt gone, TSM will face a rebuilding project this offseason, which begins Nov. 15 in the United States.

TSM did not respond to a request for comment.

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