‘Supergirl’ series’ final synopsis teases a wedding – .

‘Supergirl’ series’ final synopsis teases a wedding – .

As Super Girl speeds up towards its series finale, we now have a headline for the closing time and at least a (romantic) clue as to what to expect.

The first hour of the final event of the double episode airing Tuesday, November 9 is titled “The Last Gauntlet,” in which Supergirl and the Super Friends “take drastic action after a loved one is kidnapped by Nyxly and Lex. According to the official synopsis. What “unlikely ally” will step in to help the team?

Meanwhile, the series finale, aptly titled “Kara,” promises to wrap up the titular hero’s story in a grand way.

“In the epic series finale, Supergirl is joined by familiar faces from the past to help her stop Lex and Nyxly for good,” the synopsis explains. “Meanwhile, Alex and Kelly get ready to walk down the aisle. “

As previously reported, original cast members Mehcad Brooks and Jeremy Jordan will reprise their roles as scheduled to return as James Olsen and Winn Schott (aka Toyman), while Chris Wood will reprise his role as Mon-El. (David Harewood, who plays J’onn J’onzz, shared a photo with Wood and Jordan on set in the finale, which you can check out here.)

Chyler Leigh, who plays Alex, previously warned fans to prepare for the final episode, which promises to be an emotional event.

“There’s a lot to wrap up in the few remaining episodes, so brace yourself,” Leigh told TVLine. “Have tissues, popcorn, tequila – whatever works for you. Just be prepared.

Are you ready to say goodbye to Super Girl? What do you hope to see before it all ends? Sound off in the comments!


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