Succession’s Jesse Armstrong talks about hosting a Trump-era show in 2021 – .

Succession’s Jesse Armstrong talks about hosting a Trump-era show in 2021 – .


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Succession‘s Logan Roy is not Donald Trump, yet he is a tantrum-prone egocentric loaded with a thick crop of semi-loyal failons. (If anyone, it is Rupert Murdoch, with a long tale of open warfare with his too-freetheolder children.) But this did not stopped the HBO Emmy winner for being a distinctly The Trump-era show – something creator Jesse Armstrong now suggests shouldn’t change anytime soon, despite its third season airing soon in the first year of the Biden presidency.

This is according to a new interview that Armstrong has just given to Variety, which evokes the frequent banter of the series in the world of politics, which only increases over time Succession The world is undergoing its own US election in its third season. This is in part because of COVID-related delays, which have pushed the series further and further from 2020. But Armstrong also says that the 2021 audience is ready to see the parallels. “I know, watching the first episode with an audience last night, that there’s an alchemy that happens when the rubber hits the road,” Armstrong said. “WWhen the episode is transmitted, it means you have a different idea of ​​how it connects with the world.

In elaborating, he added:

I guess Trump is gone, but the shape he gave to the American political and social environmentit still resonates. There is a certain amount of post-traumatic stress in America about the possibilities of what could have happened, and what people still think happened. So I think this show was formed by the Trump era. And I think now, even though we’ve passed the Trump presidency, we haven’t really passed that era until normal democratic politics where people accept election results resumes.

In addition to politics, Armstrong spoke about how aware he is of the show’s success, which exploded in its second season, somewhat, but he tries not to think about it and if Logan Roy loves his children: « I don’t hesitate to say it [he does]. This is not to say that he cannot behave in unusual ways that might appear cruel or perverse from the outside.

Armstrong also addresses the writing issues of a character like Kendall Roy, who so often veers from one emotional extreme to another. ” I don’t find pleasure in testing him, or his pain. It’s like, ‘What would happen to him, and how would that feel?’ “

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SuccessionHBO’s third season arrives on HBO this Sunday, October 17, almost exactly two years after its release. second season finale initially broadcast.


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