Storch Out, Zink Bruised Lung, Vestavik Blessed – .

Storch Out, Zink Bruised Lung, Vestavik Blessed – .

It was a tough day on the hill today with Carson Storch, Cam Zink and Brage Vestavik all having their biggest crashes. Carson Storch
Carson Storch was guinea pig his big drop this morning and failed. He broke his collarbone in that fall and will not be able to compete tomorrow. Carson has been gorgeous on the bike all week and we’re sorry we couldn’t see him ride his incredible line. We wish him good luck in his recovery.

Well… unfortunately I broke my collarbone again, guinea pig for my big gout today. Enough eviscerated not to be in competition tomorrow. But I’m thankful that I didn’t get hurt more or suffered a concussion. The new @girocycling helmet honestly saved my head. This event is one of the most mentally and physically demanding of all time, and sometimes that is exactly what she does. I’m going to hold my head up high and I’m glad to see the boys put on a show tomorrow. I can’t wait to get back on the bike.Carson Storch

Cam Zink

Cam Zink had his biggest fall two days ago several times in a row, and today he tried to backflip her. He missed the landing and had a huge crash. We were so happy to see him walk away from this one. He posted an update on his Instagram channel here saying he plans to step up from the top tomorrow, despite a bruised lung. We’re so relieved to see him walk away from this one.

Regarding the injuries, I have a bruised lung, but they gave me the ‘you know you’re an athlete, you can do whatever you want’. I should advise against it. But he pretty much said he would be on the hill tomorrow, Dr Coombs said he will see us on the hill tomorrow and he expects me to go upCam Zink

Brage Vestavik

This is Brage Vestavik’s first year at Rampage and he took inspiration from the early freeriders with a natural line and some massive jumps. Tonight he first attempted his vertical fall from 47 feet and was unsuccessful. We now have confirmation from Red Bull that they had to withdraw from the event. From what we could see, it looked like he had injured his shoulder after crashing during his massive fall. Darren Berrecloth posted a video of the crash here and Brett Tippie posted the video from a different angle here. We will update once we have more details and our thoughts are with the friendly Norwegian tonight.


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