Stephen Port: Serial Killer Death Investigations Will Determine If Police “Missed Opportunities” To Arrest Earlier

Stephen Port: Serial Killer Death Investigations Will Determine If Police “Missed Opportunities” To Arrest Earlier

An inquest into the deaths of the victims of serial killer Stephen Port will focus on whether police “missed opportunities” to arrest him earlier, a jury said.

The brother of one of the victims told the inquest that “if the police had done their job, my brother could still be here with us today”.

Coroner Sarah Munro QC opened the investigations Tuesday by asserting that the responsibility for the murders of four young homosexuals “rests ultimately only with one man – Stephen Port”.

The inquiries will examine the “competence and adequacy” of the police investigation into Port’s crimes and whether “any opportunities have been missed” that could have prevented Port from killing earlier.

Daniel Whitworth, Jack Taylor, Anthony Walgate and Gabriel Kovari were murdered by Port

The now 46-year-old man killed his victims in his Barking apartment by overdosing them on GHB drugs before throwing their bodies nearby, jurors said.

He was convicted of the murders of 23-year-old Anthony Walgate; Gabriel Kovari, 22 years old; Daniel Whitworth, 21, and Jack Taylor, 25, and issued a lifetime prescription in 2016.

“The trial did not answer the important question of whether the deaths of Anthony Walgate, Gabriel Kovari, Daniel Whitworth and Jack Taylor could have been avoided,” Ms. Munro said on Tuesday.

She Munro added: “While there appear to have been loopholes in the way police have investigated these deaths, we must consider those loopholes dispassionately and resist the temptation to look for scapegoats. “

Sarah Sak (second from right), mother of Anthony Walgate arriving at Barking Town Hall

The inquest jury will hear more details over the next 10 weeks about how the Port victims met death between June 2014 and September 2015.

The long-awaited hearings, which were postponed during the pandemic, are being held at Barking Town Hall, a few meters from where the bodies of the victims were dumped by Port.

Daniel Whitworth’s boyfriend Ricky Waumsley arriving for the investigation

This comes six years after the end of the 16 month killing spree in Port.

A view of St Margaret's Church in Barking, east London, as suspected serial killer, Stephen Port 40, of Cooke Street, Barking in east London, appeared in Barkingside Magistrates charged with drugging and murdering four young men he met on gay websites and dumping their bodies in and around an east London cemetery.  PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo.  Picture date: Monday October 19, 2015. The bodies of two of the men were found by a dog walker less than a month apart in the graveyard of St Margaret's Church on North Street in Barking, while a another was found near the ruins of Barking Abbey.  See PA COURT Poison story.  Photo credit should read: Nick Ansell / PA Wire
St Margaret’s Church in Barking, east London, where Port dumped the bodies of three of his victims

Mr. Kovari’s brother Adam described him as “a very intelligent, talented and kind person, passionate about drawing and languages”.

In a statement read by coroner’s lawyer Andrew O’Connor QC, he said: “My brother was an exceptional and ambitious young man who I am sure would lead an incredible life today, if he ever did. had the opportunity.

“He made a mistake by trusting people too much. It cost him his life, but it shouldn’t have.

“In my opinion, if the police had done their job, my brother could still be here with us today.

CCTV image document dated 9/13/2015 issued by Stephen Port Metropolitan Police (right) with Jack Taylor, 25, on his way to the alleged serial killer's one bedroom apartment in Cooke Street, Barking , which was shown to a jury at the Old Bailey.  PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo.  Date of publication: Wednesday October 19, 2016. Port pleaded not guilty to 29 offenses against a total of 12 men, including four murders, seven rapes, four sexual assaults and intentional administration of a substance.  See PA COURT Poison story.  Photo credit should read: Metropolitan Police / PA Wire..NOTE TO EDITORS: This handout photo may only be used for editorial reporting purposes for contemporary illustration of events, things or people in the image or the facts mentioned in the caption.  Reuse of image may require additional permission from the copyright holder.
Stephen Port (right) with Jack Taylor, 25, on their way to the serial killer’s one bedroom apartment in Cooke Street, Barking

Mr Taylor wanted to become a police officer before he was killed, his sister Donna told the inquest.

She said the family “would never stop fighting for our Jack”.


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