Starbucks Canada raises wages amid “critical understaffing” – Business News – .

Starbucks Canada raises wages amid “critical understaffing” – Business News – .

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Starbucks Canada said it was increasing wages and benefits amid a “critical understaffing” and a renewed commitment to the well-being of its workers.

Starting in January, the company says its starting salary will be increased by a dollar above provincial minimums, while workers who have worked at the company for a year will receive a 6-10% wage increase. .

He says the wage increase, which will affect around 20,000 workers, will raise baristas’ hourly wages to between $ 13 and $ 20.45, depending on location and seniority, while shift supervisors will earn between $ 15. $ 85 and $ 24.95.

Starbucks also says it offers every hourly worker in Canada three paid shifts per calendar year for sick leave or family care, as well as ongoing benefits such as free coffee, a subscription to a meditation app and health and dental care.

The increase in wages and benefits comes as the coffee company says it has recruited recruiting specialists to deal with “critical staff shortages and difficulties” in some markets.

Starbucks, which qualifies workers as partners, says it is also investing in additional training and new technologies and processes to improve daily tasks at its cafes.

The company says the operational and salary investments are designed to retain and recruit the best people and “make Starbucks one of the best jobs in retail.”

Lori Digulla, senior vice president and general manager of Starbucks Canada, says the company’s investments will improve wages, training and in-store experiences for workers.

“We have been through some of the most difficult times our world has ever known and although we are still going through this immense change, we are moving forward with thought and courage to always be a company that cares about its employees,” said she said in a press release. Wednesday.

“Our partners are the heart of Starbucks and what will always remain is our commitment to share our success with our partners. “

Starbucks has approximately 963 company-operated stores and 441 licensed stores in Canada.


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