Squid game cards are left on vehicles in Metro Vancouver – .

Squid game cards are left on vehicles in Metro Vancouver – .

Several residents of the Metro Vancouver area have found Squid game– themed cards on their parked cars this week as some companies try a new marketing technique that builds on the popularity of the Netflix show.
Dan Turner returned to his car parked in the Metrotown Mall parking lot on Wednesday to find a brown card with the recognizable circle, triangle and square as well as a phone number on his windshield.

“It was a little weird. I looked around to see if all the cars next to me had one, and they weren’t picked, ”he told Daily Hive. “I was parked for a while, so maybe the cars had shifted by then. “

When Turner shared a photo of his card on Reddit, some people jokingly asked how much debt he owed. A fan of the show himself, he finally found the courage to call the number on the back.

A mechanical voice responds, sounding a lot like the voice of the show.

“Do you need the money? Do you want to participate in the game? He said, before breaking the character and encouraging the caller to enter the call contest for the local radio station CFOX.

“We just wanted to make their hearts beat,” CFOX program director Ronnie Stanton told Daily Hive.

He got the idea after watching the exciting show as a way to spark interest in the station’s Quickdraw game starting next week, where listeners have a chance to win $ 10,000 if they call. at the right time.

“It’s such a phenomenon right now, this TV show. We wanted to lean on it and run with it in a fun way, ”he said. “And no one will get shot with our little one Squid game. There is no such thing as a scary girl.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the Stanton team placed approximately 2,000 cards on vehicles in Metrotown, Coquitlam Center, Richmond Center, Park Royal and on Robson Street.

“No one was safe from our silliness,” he said, adding that he hopes they touched the hearts of other fans.

At least one other local company distributes Squid game cards, but it uses QR codes that link to its products instead of a phone number.

Robyn Biggar found a Squid game card tucked away in his vehicle’s window sill outside Gold’s Gym in Port Coquitlam on Tuesday. The QR leads to complete the NutraBomb store and offers recipients a discount on the products.

“Once you show up to the supplement store, you’ll find out the real deal,” a Reddit user replied to Biggar’s post.

Daily Hive has contacted NutraBomb for comment, but has yet to receive a response.


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