Soyuz capsule with Russian crew behind first space film successfully lands in Kazakhstan – .

Soyuz capsule with Russian crew behind first space film successfully lands in Kazakhstan – .

    La capsule de retour transportant l'actrice russe Yulia Peresild et le cinéaste Klim Shipenko, les premières personnes à avoir réalisé le tournage d'un film dans l'espace, a atterri avec succès, a rapporté l'agence spatiale Roscosmos.

</p><div><p>Le vaisseau spatial Soyouz MS-18 piloté par le cosmonaute Oleg Novitsky l'a ramené, ainsi que les deux membres de l'équipe pionnière du film, de la Station spatiale internationale (ISS).

The capsule re-entered the atmosphere and was parachuted into a remote region of the Kazakhstan steppe. The crew members would be in good condition after touchdown.

Rescuers helped the trio out of the capsule. They will undergo a medical check-up before being transported from Kazakhstan to the Moscow region. A press conference with the crew of the Soyuz MS-19 is scheduled for Tuesday.

“We had a good landing. Everything happened in a routine way ”, Peresild told Channel 1 after returning to Earth.

However, the actress confessed that she felt ” a bit sad “ car “At first 12 days seemed like a lot, but when it all ended I didn’t want to say goodbye.

She also praised Novitsky, describing the cosmonaut as “great” and saying that “Nothing is scary” when he’s there.

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Peresild and Shipenko spent 12 days aboard the ISS after traveling there aboard the Soyuz MS-19 ship earlier this month. The duo worked on the film ‘The Challenge’, a dramatic feature film produced by Russian television channel Channel 1 in collaboration with Roscosmos.

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