South Park Announces Paramount Plus Exclusive ‘Post-COVID’ Special – .

South Park Announces Paramount Plus Exclusive ‘Post-COVID’ Special – .

South Park

South Park returns next month, but not to Comedy Central, its television house for 24 years. Instead, the series announced today that it will air its upcoming ‘Post-COVID’ special on Paramount Plus, the first of several exclusive specials slated to debut on the Viacom-owned streaming service.

This is of course all part of the extremely complicated process. (and lucrative) the streaming deals that surround Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s fakeconstruction paper opus, which last aired a full new season in December 2019, but has rounded out its coverage for the past two years with of them Additional specials in September 2020, and March of this year.

These two existing specials are release online now on HBO Max, as well as the rest of the series, which the rival company struck in a 9-figure deal earlier this year. (He is not a coincidence that Parker and Stone have “Buy the novelty of Mexican cuisine from your childhood memories” silver to be discarded at this time.)

These new specials, however, are part of a separate agreement, made between Viacom and … well, Viacom, in order to keep new South Park content flowing to the company’s own streaming service, instead of apparently allowing itan endless fan base to simply support a rival business. It’s not yet clear if “Post-COVID” counts as one of the ludicrous 14 films Viacom ordered from South Park alongside its recent long-term renewal; the press release for the special only refers to it as an “exclusive event”.

“Post-COVID,” due to air on Thanksgiving on November 25, is one of two such “events” announced today; the other will be released in December. Paramount + also released a teaser for the special, if you can even consider a 10-second clip of the South Park the boys are unconvincingly impressed with the Paramount + logo, a teaser.


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