Sohi elected mayor, 4 outgoing councilors defeated – .

Sohi elected mayor, 4 outgoing councilors defeated – .


Amarjeet Sohi will be Edmonton’s 36th mayor as four sitting councilors were defeated in the city’s municipal election on Monday night.

CTV News decision-making office predicted Sohi to be the winner just after 9 p.m.

Sohi won with 45 percent of the vote and was followed by former advisers Mike Nickel (25 percent), Kim Krushell (17 percent) and Michael Oshry (six percent).

“I know the last few years have been tough,” Sohi said. “I am honored to have the privilege of leading us to a new chapter with better days to come. ”

“Let’s get to work. Let’s build a city that is a place of opportunity for all. ”

Its platform focused on the fight against homelessness, addictions and mental health as well as the realities of climate change.

He told CTV News he plans to contact other city council members in the coming days.

“We will get to work right away,” he said. “We have very serious challenges. “

Sohi is the city’s first person of color to be elected mayor.

He was elected councilor in 2007 and re-elected in 2010 and 2013. He left local politics to run as a federal Liberal, winning in 2015 and serving in the federal cabinet before being defeated in 2019.

“This city will change,” Nickel told his supporters, conceding defeat.

“But there will always be a tomorrow and even if I’m not here, tomorrow will always be yours. ”


The outgoing councilors had a mixed election night with four councilors returned to power, but also an equal number short.

Incumbents Aaron Paquette in Dene, Andrew Knack in Nakota Isga, Tim Cartmell in pihêsiwin and Sarah Hamilton in sipiwiyiniwak were all re-elected on Monday night.

But, titular Tony Caterina lost his seat on Anne Stevenson’s board at O-day’min and finished in fifth place.

Jon Dziadyk was upset by Karen Principe in Tastawiyiniwak, who won 38.9 percent of the vote.

In Sspomitapi, Moe Banga finished in third place behind newly elected councilor Jo-Anne Wright.

And two-term adviser Bev Esslinger lost to Erin Rutherford by 266 votes in Anirniq.

By Monday night, 62 of 65 incumbents, or about 95%, had been re-elected mayors or councilors in Edmonton in the last seven elections dating back to 1998.

The race closest to the night took place in the open quarter of Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi where Jennifer Rice took a 39 vote victory over Rhiannon Hoyle.

Ashley Salvador at Métis, Michael Janz at papastew and Keren Tang at Karhiio round out the newcomers to the board.

Women will make up two-thirds of city councilors, the highest number in Edmonton’s history.

The turnout was 37.5% with 235,826 ballots from 629,066 eligible voters. The 2017 municipal elections recorded a participation rate of 31.5%.

Voters also voted on the federal equalization program and daylight saving time as well as Senate candidates.

The final results of those polls will be released on the morning of October 26, although some cities, including Calgary but not Edmonton, released their results on Monday evening.


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