SNL’s weekend update sees Jason Sudeikis reprise the role of the Devil – deadline – .

SNL’s weekend update sees Jason Sudeikis reprise the role of the Devil – deadline – .

In tonight’s Halloween episode Saturday Night Live, Jason Sudeikis returned to Weekend Update to reprise his role as The Devil, catching up with co-host Colin Jost on the latest news in his life.

Jost noted that it had been four or five years since The Devil had graced the Studio 8H desk. “It’s’ cause I’ve been busy, baby,” said the devil of Sudeikis. “The last few years have been pretty good for old Beelzebub here. “

The Devil noted that he had many “little side projects” to keep him busy, including “earthquakes”, “deadly storms” and an “Instagram for kids” that he “was trying to do. to take off “.

And then, of course, there’s the climate. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but I made things here look more like where I’m from,” The Devil said. “I mean, have you ever been to Florida?” It’s not that different from hell… It’s hundreds of people, and the temperatures are in the hundreds as well.

The Devil told Jost that Florida is where he likes to “beta test” a lot of his new ideas, also noting that he recently pushed his fork into the sports world. “I mean, you saw the Astros won,” he said. “They shouldn’t have!

For The Devil, by the way SNL was a nice change of pace. After all, back home, Rush Limbaugh has “spoken [his] horns cut off.

At one point, he got a call, sharing that it was Prince Andrew again.

“The guy blows up my phone all the time,” he complained. “All these pictures of me, him and J Eps, they came out. I look pretty good, though.

Jost then asked The Devil about other aspects of modern society for which he is responsible, and he gladly welcomed bitcoin and vaping. When asked if he was behind QAnon, he quickly dismissed the suggestion. “Hey! No. These guys are crazy. A bunch of sad internet psychopaths who think there is a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles, ”he said. “It’s like, excuse me. Don’t drag my name into your sick internet fantasies.

The Devil then demanded that Jost withdraw his question. “Or I swear,” he threatened, “I’ll go back on my agreement to let you marry Scarlett.” [Johansson].  »

Jost denied that any such deal had taken place, the Devil insisting, “You set her up, baby!” I don’t know who fucked him the most, you or Disney.

Elsewhere in tonight’s edition of Weekend Update, Jost and his co-host Michael Che discussed everything from a scandal surrounding the lead singer of Smash Mouth, to a recent episode of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Netflix series, Sex Love & Goop, on the sale of a Star wars-themed house in Florida.

Tonight’s episode is the first hosted by longtime SNL actor Sudeikis, who was joined by musical guest Brandi Carlile. Sudeikis’ segment as The Devil can be found below.


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