SNL ‘Squid Game’ Parody Music Video starring Pete Davidson and Rami Malek – .

SNL ‘Squid Game’ Parody Music Video starring Pete Davidson and Rami Malek – .

What started out as a seemingly generic country music video parody turned into a real Squid game parody during this week Saturday Night Live, with spoilers for anyone who has yet to catch up with Netflix’s most popular series.
Pete Davidson and host Rami Malek were singing a ballad about their bad luck and crippling debts – to the tune of Branchez & Big Wet’s “Turn Up On the Weekend” – when things took a brutal turn. “Yeah, I’m broke and that’s a shame,” Davidson sang. “I guess I have to play the Squid Game. “

“Weird maps, pink guards locked us in a big room,” Malek added as the pre-recorded sketch morphed into a compelling and accurate recreation of the series’ setting. Later, he sang, “45 billion won is a lot of money. At least I think it is… I’m confused by the motto.

By the end of the song, Davidson’s comically dyed red hair more or less betrayed the end of the series. “I’m going to live my life better now, I’ve grown up in so many ways,” he sang. “Then one day I got bored, took all my money and bet it on the Jets… Coming back to the Squid Game, I’m bad with the money. “

The unlikely bromance continued later in the series when Davidson and Malek played each other in one of the SNL’The famous game show skits that are little more than an excuse for cast members to show off their best celebrity impressions.

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