Simon Monjack’s family pissed off by Brittany Murphy documentary – .

Simon Monjack’s family pissed off by Brittany Murphy documentary – .

The two-part series investigates the life, relationships and death of the actress… but mainly focuses on her bizarre marriage to Simon Monjack – who died just 5 months after Murphy. There is a lot of suspicion about the circumstances surrounding his death, but a theme in the doc remains constant… Simon was not a good guy.

Throughout the episodes, Simon is accused of controlling Brittany, taking her money, having secret children, and ultimately preventing her from receiving medical attention.

Monjack’s brother, James, who is interviewed on the show, tells us he was disappointed that the filmmakers made Simon the villain.

James says the project was originally proposed to him to be investigative journalism into the couple’s death, but instead it turned out to be a sensationalist article. James said he and his mother – who was also interviewed – had hoped the series would lead to a breakthrough in what actually killed Simon and Brittany, but gave the impression that Simon led to his death.

While James says he got to watch everything, his mother won’t… and she too is upset that all it did was point fingers at Simon.

Murphy was found at home unconscious and died in 2009 from what was ultimately determined to be untreated pneumonia and drug poisoning. Strangely enough, Monjack is dead in the same house 5 months later pneumonia and drug poisoning.


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