Should Chiefs try to sign him? – .

Should Chiefs try to sign him? – .

On Monday night, Houston sports reporter Aaron Wilson announced that the Houston Texans were at the forefront of veteran rusher Whitney Mercilus.

The 31-year-old former first-round pick, now in his 10th league season, has played his entire career in Houston. According to Wilson, the Texans are making the move as part of head coach (and former Chiefs receivers) David Cully’s desire to accompany a “youth movement” down the defensive line.

Shortly after the news broke, Mercilus confirmed the news via his Instagram page, posting a long farewell to Houston.

“10 years ago, I received the call that would change my life forever. The Houston Texans organization welcomed me with open arms and the city of Houston became my home.

To the McNair family… Thank you for believing in a child from Akron, Ohio.

To my teammates who have become my brothers for life… Thank you for the exchanges, thank you for having my back on the field and thank you for always being there for my work in the community.

Texans fans… You’ve been amazing! We have had exciting and difficult times together, and I will always admire the heart and perseverance of the Houston community. Either way, you’ve always shown yourself and supported me on and off the pitch.

God always has a plan, so now I’m waiting for what awaits me… Rock Boy out! ”

Hours before Mercilus was cut, Focus on professional football salary cap analyst Brad Spielberger tweeted that the Los Angeles Chiefs and Chargers are looking to add players along their respective defensive lines.

Then, in a follow-up to his original tweet, Wilson added to the speculation by saying that the Chiefs and Mercilus had a “mutual interest” in possibly making a deal.

Can chefs afford it?

Before it was cut, the answer had been no. There had been rumors that the Texans could have leaked the news to try and boost a trade offer from another team (as we saw with Stephone Gilmore), but they officially announced the move on Tuesday.

If multiple teams are on the line to sign him, we might expect a one-year contract for him to still be relatively low – in the range of $ 1 million to $ 2 million. The Chiefs – with $ 2.4 million in ceiling space – could afford it, but they should be creative.

However, if there is is not a lot of competition to sign him – and Mercilus is motivated to come to Kansas City – he could likely be persuaded to sign a veterans pay benefits deal, which would be based on Mercilus’ NFL minimum wage of 1.08 million of dollars. Prorated for the remainder of the season, that would cost the Chiefs around $ 640,000 over the cap – something they can certainly afford – and they could give Mercilus a signing bonus of $ 137,500 with no additional consequences on the ceiling.

Does Mercilus still have something in the tank?

Mercilus’ best season came in 2015, when he was lined up next to professional defensive end JJ Watt. Mercilus finished the season with 12.0 sacks that year.

Since then, he has only passed 7.5 sacks on two occasions. That being said, Mercilus is more athletic than his numbers suggest. Prior to this season, Mercilus played as an outside linebacker for the Texans and was frequently used in pass coverage.

Coming out of a bad year in 2020 when Focus on professional football gave him an overall defensive rating of 39.5, Mercilus rebounded in 2021. Tuesday, his current PFF the mark is 61.1, with a passing mark of 60.8.

It’s by no means a world rating, but to put it in perspective, it would be enough to come in second on the Chiefs’ defensive line, behind Tershawn Wharton’s 61.2 rating, and Mercilus would be tied in top of the ranking. bags on the team with three.

A few weeks ago, Houston Texans chief film analyst John Harris smashed one of Mercilus’ bags as part of Houston’s “Telestrator” series on YouTube.

Based on this one rep alone, it would appear that even at 31, Mercilus still possesses the athletic ability to beat a top-level tackle in the blink of an eye, and he has the courage to go around the corner and reach. the quarterback.

In the video, Mercilus does a great job of using his inside hand to rip the outside arm of the tackle, preventing the lineman from entering his body, allowing himself to stay clean and out of the frame of the tackle. This provides him with the leverage needed to take the turn with very little contact and chase the quarterback.

It’s just one room. But suffice me to say that I could take a hit on Mercilus on an affordable one-year contract.

Is there a real chance the Chiefs will land the veteran rusher?

In short, yes. Where there is smoke, there is fire, and there seems to be a lot of smoke around this story. Despite the fact that the Chargers can also bid on Mercilus’ services, I think it makes sense for him to choose Kansas City.

For starters, her former college roommate and Texas teammate Jeff Allen resides in the Kansas City area, and the two remain close to this day. Mercilus and Kansas City defensive leader safety back Tyrann Mathieu played together in Houston in 2018.

When all is said and done, it wouldn’t shock me if Mercilus wears red and gold by the end of the week.


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