Shelves laid bare across UK as Brits rush to panic ahead of Christmas – RT Business News – .

Shelves laid bare across UK as Brits rush to panic ahead of Christmas – RT Business News – .

    La crise de l'approvisionnement en Grande-Bretagne s'est aggravée alors que de profondes inquiétudes concernant les problèmes de la chaîne d'approvisionnement, la flambée des factures d'énergie et les pénuries de personnel ont incité des millions d'habitants à stocker des articles essentiels pour les fêtes avant Noël, laissant les étagères vides.

</p><div><p>Environ huit millions de Britanniques n'ont pas pu acheter de nourriture essentielle pendant deux semaines entre le 22 septembre et le 3 octobre, tandis qu'un sur six a déclaré avoir du mal à trouver des articles non essentiels, selon les données suivies par l'Office of National Statistics (ONS). 

Two-thirds of UK shoppers polled by retail magazine The Grocer were worried or very worried about food and drink shortages over Christmas.

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UK Prime Minister Johnson expects fuel, gas and food shortages to persist until Christmas

Hundreds of thousands of UK consumers have reportedly booked their Christmas delivery slots. Nearly 22,000 slots had been booked at lunchtime on the first day after supermarket chain Waitrose made dates available last week.

Britain is grappling with a series of serious crises due to supply shortages attributed to several factors, including the Covid-19 pandemic, soaring gas prices and the severing of trade and labor relations with the ‘European Union.

Last week, London called on the military to help authorities alleviate the fuel crisis by providing troops and transport to make deliveries to gas stations after many outlets dried up in because of panic shopping.

Previously, the UK government had issued more than 10,000 three-month visas for tanker and food truck drivers, as well as poultry workers. This step was taken to tackle a serious labor crisis that has had a huge negative impact on food retailers, fast food chains and fuel distributors.

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