Sharon Stone complimented Jonah Hill’s body after he told her not to – .

Sharon Stone complimented Jonah Hill’s body after he told her not to – .

I’m not the type to fight for Jonah Hill, who allegedly was an asshole during interviews, but when the guy politely asks people to stop commenting on his body, whether positive or negative, Sharon Stone might probably ‘ve taken this very easy cue. What she did not do. (Jezebel)

Angelina Jolie signs copies of her new book in LA after having dinner with her ex Jonny Lee Miller. Oh come on! WHO IS SHE WITH ?! (Lainey Gossip)

Prince William calls out all the billionaires who go to space. (Designated)

Bobby Flay wanted $ 100 million to stay on Food Network because Guy Fieri makes $ 80 million, which he is worth. (Celebrity)

From Roxane: May interest some people around here. The Penguins Classics Marvel collection is coming. (Tom and Lorenzo)

From James: Spectacular actor who left too early. (EW)

From Claude: It’s the opposite energy of LitFic Twitter and That Situation. (Mary Sue)

From Kayleigh:

If you’re Marc Cuban’s employee, you get the shot or he’ll be “in your fucking ear”. (Media)

The quiet disappearance of queer stories in Nebraska. (BookRiot)

One of the best Star Wars : Visions episodes of the kickass anthology series could have their own animated film. Damn, yes. (Comic)

Ellesfena loved Aiden Thomas Boys cemetery and really wants you to read it. “Yadriel’s experience as a trans boy is very movingly portrayed, and I love that she is treated in a very factual way. What book would you like more people to read? (Cannonball Read 13)

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