Self-service convenience stores without cashiers are emerging in Toronto – .

Self-service convenience stores without cashiers are emerging in Toronto – .

TORONTO – New convenience stores are popping up in Toronto. They are fully self-service, do not have a cashier and are open 24 hours a day.

If you want to come in to buy something, you will need to download an app on your smartphone.

“The store is completely unmanned and cashier and to enter the store you have to have the mobile app,” John Douang, CEO and President of Aisle 24, told CTV News Toronto.

Douang said that once you download the mobile app and create an account, you can access it. Buyers can then choose what they want to buy, go to the checkout, scan their items, and complete their payment.

Cameras and security systems are in place to ensure all goods are paid for, and if something goes wrong, a person’s account can be suspended until the issue is resolved.

Aisle 24 currently operates eight self-service stores in Ontario and Quebec, but 30 more are expected to open soon and hopes to open up to 200 across Canada within two years.

Items carried in stores are similar to those in other convenience stores, but in addition to snacks, prepared foods, and beverages, there may be grocery items like produce, baked goods, and canned goods.

Although Douang admits there has been criticism since the store cut cashier jobs, he said cashier jobs aren’t jobs that many people want these days.

“There is a labor shortage and a lot of people out there don’t want low-paying frontline jobs, they’re waiting for something better,” he said.

Douang said the company still needs employees to stock shelves, order products and monitor stores.

“While we don’t have frontline workers, there is a lot of staff behind the scenes to make this happen,” he said.

Zane Akoodie stopped by to check out the self-service store and said there are very few convenience stores in his area.

“It appeals to my demographics, (the younger ones) very well, it’s very easy to do everything now wirelessly through your phone,” Akoodie said.

Douang said he believes other retailers will adopt this format as well.

“This kind of technology and innovation is going to be prevalent in many different companies in the future,” he said.

Self-service stores could also work well in apartment buildings or condominiums, so customers don’t have to take a long trip to buy everyday items and the store can be open 24 hours a day.


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