Scientists urge UK government to ensure prompt return of COVID-19 restrictions – National – .

Scientists urge UK government to ensure prompt return of COVID-19 restrictions – National – .

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UK government science advisers on Friday urged the government to ensure restrictions on coronaviruses can be introduced quickly, as the rate of new infections continues to rise.

Britain recorded an average of 47,000 new cases of COVID-19 a day over the past week, up 18% from the previous week, figures released on Friday showed. There was an average of 135 deaths per day, a 16% increase from the previous week. Britain has recorded more than 139,000 coronavirus deaths during the pandemic, the highest death toll in Europe after Russia.

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Slow UK response to COVID-19 has killed thousands, report says

Many scientists are urging the government to reintroduce some of the measures it lifted three months ago at the end of more than a year of restrictions, including mandatory indoor masks, social distancing and counseling about working from home.

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    </div>  Le Groupe consultatif scientifique pour les urgences, un organe de scientifiques qui conseille le gouvernement, déclare que "des travaux politiques sur la réintroduction potentielle de mesures devraient être entrepris maintenant afin qu'il puisse être prêt pour un déploiement rapide", selon le procès-verbal d'une réunion tenue la semaine dernière. .</p><div class="l-article__part" data-shortcode="tp_video">                  <div class="c-video c-videoPlay " data-iframe-receiver="" data-autoplay="" data-displayinline-featured="false" data-displayinline-type="video" data-displayinline-player-id="miniplayer_8079936_6173cb78e8c0f" data-displayinline-video-id="8079936" data-displayinline-ratio="16:9" data-displayinline="" data-displayinline-sticky="true">
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                                                                                                <span class="c-video__title">"Cela signifie le monde": les familles et les amis se réunissent alors que le Royaume-Uni assouplit les règles de voyage COVID-19</span>
                <figcaption class="c-video__caption c-caption">
            <span class="c-caption__desc">«Cela signifie le monde»: les familles et les amis se réunissent alors que le Royaume-Uni assouplit les règles de voyage COVID-19 – 2 août 2021</span>
            </div><p>Le groupe a déclaré que de toutes les mesures envisagées par le gouvernement, la "réintroduction du travail à domicile est susceptible d'avoir le plus grand impact individuel sur la transmission".

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Tory government has said it may reimpose some restrictions as part of a fall and winter ‘Plan B’ – but not yet.

Britain eases lockdown restrictions, but caution remains

Britain eases lockdown restrictions but caution remains – May 10, 2021

Britain relies almost exclusively on vaccines to keep the virus at bay during the autumn and winter months, when respiratory viruses circulate most widely. Almost 80% of people aged 12 and over in the UK have received two doses of the vaccine and millions of people are being offered a booster, including all those over 50.

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    </div>  Les modélisateurs scientifiques du groupe consultatif ont déclaré qu'un pic important d'hospitalisations comme celui observé l'hiver dernier était de plus en plus improbable, et que les vaccins de rappel pourraient maintenir la propagation du virus "à des niveaux similaires ou inférieurs à ceux actuellement observés".  Mais ils ont dit qu'il pourrait encore y avoir des milliers de décès de coronavirus supplémentaires dans les mois à venir.

The Prime Minister, who visited a vaccination center in London on Friday, said the current level of infection was “not outside the parameters of what had been predicted”.

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UK relaxes COVID-19 measures – but Britain ‘must learn to live’ with virus, PM says

Johnson urged people to take “common sense” precautions such as wearing a mask and being reminded as soon as they were eligible _ six months after the second dose.

Although some have suggested that a new lockdown may be needed if cases continue to rise, Johnson has dismissed the idea.

“At the moment, we see absolutely nothing to indicate that this is planned at all,” he said.

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