Schultz details expected upcoming report on the Suns’ Robert Sarver – .

Schultz details expected upcoming report on the Suns’ Robert Sarver – .

Sports reporter Jordan Schultz reported on Friday afternoon that there was a story in the works which details allegations of racism, sexism and sexual harassment against Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver.

Later that day, the Suns themselves issued a statement, calling the yet unpublished story “based on lies, innuendo and a false story to attack our organization and its leaders.”

Schultz, who according to his Twitter bio is not currently employed by ESPN, has joined Burns & Gambo d’Arizona Sports to further clarify its report on the report.

“This report is a monster,” he said. “As bad as you may think it may be for us to have this conversation, it’s worse.” What I’ve been told about some of the things that will surface in this report, including sexual harassment, is breathtaking. There’s just no way that with all of these recorded people, men and women, he could survive this in my eyes.

Schultz said he was reporting that former head coach Earl Watson and former general manager Ryan McDonough were both on the record of history.

“What I’ve been told is that there has been a kind of sweep under the rug culture that he’s fostered,” Schultz said of Sarver.

Schultz was unable to share key details of the report, which Arizona Sports’ John Gambadoro Reports has over 50 people surveyed for.

The Suns’ statement on the story, which, again, has yet to be released, includes Sarver’s denial of any racism or sexism.

“Even allusions to racism or sexism in our culture today are toxic and damaging and should not be mentioned lightly,” the statement said. “I categorically deny any suggestions that I have used derogatory language related to race or gender. “


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