Saskatchewan Premier cancels outdoor ceremony at Legislature over “recent threats” – Canada News – .

Saskatchewan Premier cancels outdoor ceremony at Legislature over “recent threats” – Canada News – .

Sending a message of optimism, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says the best days for the province are coming as his government unveils its agenda for the fall session of the legislature.

Outside the legislature, around 150 protesters against COVID-19 public health measures – such as the vaccine policy – expressed their anger by chanting “Scott Moe come out” as the Speech from the Throne was due to begin.

The Prime Minister was supposed to hold a ceremony outside the legislature before the start of the new session, but it was called off at the last minute.

“In light of recent threats and on the advice of security officials, the outdoor portion of the ceremonies scheduled for this afternoon with His Honor and Prime Minister Moe have been canceled,” a spokesperson for the Prime Minister said in an email.

She confirmed that the threats were made on Wednesday.

The Regina Police Department said no arrests had been made and the RCMP, which act as the Prime Minister’s security official, said they were not investigating.

Before the canceled event, Nadine Wilson, an independent member of the legislature, delivered a speech to the crowd. A few weeks ago, Wilson resigned from the Saskatchewan Party caucus after misrepresenting his immunization status.

Members of the legislature must either show proof of vaccination or test negative to enter the building.

Government House Leader Jeremy Harrison said security in the Legislature has been tightened over the years.

“We have seen aggressive actions from the anti-vaccination mob and it is very concerning,” Harrison said.

“It’s a very small proportion of the public, and for some reason they’ve bought into conspiracy theories that are far-fetched. “

In Wednesday’s Throne Speech, the Lieutenant Governor. Russell Mirastry spoke of nearly a dozen companies investing in the province, but made no mention of new support to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The speech said the Saskatchewan Party government remains focused on the economy, promising to create 100,000 new jobs by 2030, and will join Alberta in its discussions with the federal government on equalization payments. .


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