Saskatchewan approval. Government response to COVID-19 drops 29 points – .

Saskatchewan approval. Government response to COVID-19 drops 29 points – .

Still, a majority of Saskatchewan respondents say they will vote for Moe’s party, which continues to score strong on the economy and energy.

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The share of Saskatchewan people who think the provincial government has done a good job in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has fallen by almost half in four months, according to a poll that nonetheless found a much more modest drop in support for the COVID-19 pandemic. Saskatchewan Party.

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The Angus Reid survey, released this week but conducted online from September 29 to October 3, found that only 32% of those polled approved of the government’s handling of the pandemic. This is down sharply from 61% in early June.

Sixty-four percent of the roughly 505 respondents – almost two-thirds – said the Saskatchewan Party government had not done a good job on the COVID-19 file.

Only respondents from Alberta gave a worse score, with just 20 percent saying Jason Kenney’s government handled COVID-19 well. But Alberta’s numbers have been steadily bleeding for a year, while the blow to Premier Scott Moe’s government is more sudden.

Yet Moe’s party still shows strong results on voting intent. Of the 440 determined and inclined voters, 52% said they would vote for the Saskatchewan Party in the next election, down five points from the June poll. The NDP gained four points to 35 percent, while a total of 12 percent of respondents said they would vote for other parties.

“Despite a deterioration in the overall level of satisfaction and the second lowest approval rating on the management of COVID-19, Scott Moe’s Saskatchewan Party has yet to see a significant drop in voting intentions,” said an Angus Reid report on the poll results. “Moe’s government is obviously backed by a strong perceived economic performance and holds a voting intention of 17 points ahead amid mounting pandemic criticism. “

But another report by Angus Reid, based on another question asked during the same period of September 29 to October 3 but released two weeks ago, found that Moe’s approval rating was considerably lower – at only 43%.

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The survey released Wednesday suggests that Moe’s government remains relatively strong on several key issues, with a slim majority saying it is doing a good job on energy and transportation policy. Half of Saskatchewan respondents said their government was doing well on the economy, while just fewer said the same about jobs, the deficit and the environment.

In fact, the Saskatchewan Party government’s approval rating for the economy was just behind that of Quebec Premier François Legault.

Its lowest scores are on drug use and addictions, poverty and homelessness, and senior care, with less than 30 percent of Saskatchewan respondents saying Moe’s government was doing a good job on each. of these problems.

Online surveys do not have a margin of error to speak of, but an equivalent telephone survey would have a margin of error of 2 percentage points in either direction, 19 times out of 20.

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