Sask. plans to send more COVID-19 patients to Ontario – .

95 new cases of COVID-19, 1 death reported in Manitoba on Wednesday – .

Saskatchewan plans to increase the number of COVID-19 patients it sends to Ontario starting early next week.
About two to four patients will be transferred per day for several days, said Marlo Pritchard, president of the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency and head of the Saskatchewan Emergency Operations Center, during a technical briefing on COVID-19 on Friday. .

Earlier this week, six COVID-19 patients were sent to Ontario, and three more are expected to be moved – one each Friday, Saturday and Sunday, according to a press release from the province sent out Thursday.

Pritchard said the number of transfers could change depending on factors such as intensive care capacity, clinical assessments, identification of appropriate patients, aircraft availability, extreme weather or other unforeseen events.

Pritchard said the provincial government will continue to announce confirmed patient transfers.

“These plans are continually in motion, but they are subject to change and we are committed to providing confirmed information on Saskatchewan patient transfers,” he said.

Confusion during the first transfers

There was some early confusion with Saskatchewan’s plans to move intensive care patients out of the province.

After moving six patients, Ontario Health said it was ready to take at least six more.

However, during a technical briefing on Wednesday, Pritchard did not confirm whether or when more patients would be transferred out of the province.

This surprised some health care workers in both provinces, who expressed on social media their concerns about Saskatchewan’s withdrawal from patient transfers.

The provincial government said Thursday its intensive care capacity is being assessed hourly by medical professionals and other experts.

“The issue of out-of-province transfers is an extremely complicated process that requires a high level of technical consideration, medical oversight and review,” the province said in a statement.

He also said unverified social media posts should be ignored.

However, the statement did not clarify why Ontario expected to receive a total of 12 intensive care patients from the province by the end of the week.


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