Ryan Reynolds reprimanded by ITV reporter for swearing live at Wrexham press conference – .

Ryan Reynolds reprimanded by ITV reporter for swearing live at Wrexham press conference – .

Ryan Reynolds received a slap on the wrist for swearing on live TV at his first press conference from Wrexham Racecourse.

Hollywood A-Lister Reynolds, along with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney, completed their stunning takeover of the National League club last year, with a pledge to invest at least £ 2million. sterling.

The couple made the trip to Wales for the first time since acquiring the Red Dragons, speaking to the press gathered on the terraces of the famous former ground.

But in the midst of describing their grand ambitions for the club, Deadpool star Reynolds dropped an F-bomb, not realizing the interview was being given live.

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Wrexham owner Ryan Reynolds was forced to apologize for his mistake

“We just want to put the structure in place for the club to continue long after we die,” McElhenney explained, before his co-owner responded with his usual deadpan delivery: “Unless there’s a meteor, to which case we are all F *****. “

Reynolds was then quickly told to be careful with his language, ITV being forced to apologize, leaving the 45-year-old Canadian to quickly add, “No! I had no idea, I’m sorry.

Despite his slip of the tongue, Reynolds has had no problem talking about how ambitious he and McElhenney will be at the helm, hoping to build an infrastructure that will eventually see them climb to the top.

“You dive deeper into Wrexham and you see how invested the community is in the club,” he said.

“This club can really grow, and I just can’t wait to see it grow.

“I don’t understand why we can’t go to the Premier League. We have the structure here. Why not dream big? ”

Philadelphia-born McElhenney added that he saw similarities between his own hometown and the working-class community that passed through the Wrexham turnstiles.

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He explained, “It was how well I recognized and identified the people in the stands.

“What they see and feel in Wrexham is the same as what we do. We love to tell the story of a working class club and a working town because it is a story people can relate to. “

The owners were in attendance for Wrexham’s midweek loss to Maidenhead, but will play their first home game on Saturday when they face Torquay in a bid to close the gap in the play-offs.

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