Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney go to Wrexham’s first game since becoming club owners

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney go to Wrexham’s first game since becoming club owners

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney went to their first game at Wrexham since taking over the football club in February.

The Hollywood stars were at York Road Stadium on Tuesday night to watch the team’s away game against Maidenhead United in the National League. The Berkshire team won the clash 3-2.

Deadpool actor and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator took 100% control of the Welsh club from the Wrexham Supporters Trust (WST) in February, months after the offer has been approved by the fans.

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August: Ryan Reynolds “delighted” to visit Wrexham

The pair have also invested £ 2million in the club as part of the buyout deal.

Wrexham fan Andy Gilpin said their appearance was unexpected and had “given the supporters a boost”, adding: “To see them here was just amazing.”

“It’s a very low-key pitch, and to see two Hollywood stars there… we were just stunned,” he said.

He said Reynolds and McElhenney waved to fans, who knew the stars had landed in the area about six hours before, but believed the game would likely be too far away for them to attend.

“It’s quite a statement to come here to Maidenhead,” he said, adding, “It shows they are serious. “

Reynolds previously told Sky News his takeover of the club was ‘the role of a lifetime’ – and assured British fans the one word he certainly wouldn’t use when it came to his new squad.

Hollywood stars were spotted at York Road Stadium. Photo: Wrexham AFC

“I wouldn’t dare call it football,” he said. “I care enough about my well-being not to call it football. “

In August, he said COVID-19 had prevented him and McElhenney from traveling to Wrexham, but said they intended to do so.

He spoke of “wanting to absorb as much of the legacy of the club and Wrexham as possible”, adding that he was “delighted” to visit the city.

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Reynolds and McElhenney are both set to appear in an all-zone access documentary series on the club, titled Welcome To Wrexham, after the ups and downs of their first two seasons.

The club had been fan-owned for almost 10 years and weren’t looking to sell when approached through an intermediary about a deal.

However, the members quickly changed their minds when they learned that Reynolds and McElhenney were interested.

Wrexham is currently 11th in the National League.


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