Ryan Day, CJ Stroud Say Confidence Grows For Buckeyes, Kourt Williams Says ‘Watch Out’ For Ohio State – .

Ryan Day, CJ Stroud Say Confidence Grows For Buckeyes, Kourt Williams Says ‘Watch Out’ For Ohio State – .

Following Saturday night’s 54-7 road win over Indiana, Ryan Day and several Buckeye players spoke to members of the media after the game.

Here’s a look at everything Day said CJ Stroud, Jeremy Ruckert and Kourt Williams at the post-game press conference in Bloomington.

Ryan day

  • “It’s always been about us, and that’s what we need to focus on. Day says the Buckeyes approached this game like they were 0-0. Day says the Buckeyes weren’t expecting rain tonight.

  • Day said it was “great to see” guys like Zach Harrison running around and having fun on a night where they just escalated.

  • Day says the Buckeyes have been “very hard on ourselves” heading into the games.

  • Day says Penn State is “the biggest challenge of the year.”

  • Day says it was difficult to pull Chris Olave, Garrett Wilson and TreVeyon Henderson out for most of the second half, but that he “couldn’t live with himself” if either of them was injured playing late in a game like Saturday.

  • “You start to see a bunch of guys come into the field, and that’s what we’re looking for. ”

  • On CJ Stroud: “It starts with protection, and it starts with trust with the guys who catch it. Day says Stroud “had some nice shots tonight.”

  • Day says when Ohio State gets the ball back in midfield, the offense can play with “ultimate” confidence. Day says that’s kind of how it was in 2019.

  • Ryan Day says stopping the race is the number one priority in Big Ten games.

  • “I just think it’s a different team. When you train well, you have confidence because you did it. … Lots of confidence in the defense now. Day says some players felt like they were on “an island of their own” at the start of the season.

  • “We have so many guns, but guys have to be selfless. Day says Jeremy Ruckert “did the dirty work” when the ball didn’t come his way, but “in the end, it will come back to you”.

  • Day says Stroud “is going to be humble on this thing”.

QB CJ Stroud et TE Jeremy Ruckert

  • Stroud: “I think I just stepped into that role of not just being a leader of this football team, but a leader of God. Stroud says today was Ruckert’s “prom day.”

  • Ruckert: “I feel more than ever that we have come together as a team. ”

  • Ruckert says the Buckeyes have been able to rely on each other lately and the team is “in sync right now”.

  • Stroud says the offensive line had a great game and felt like he only got hit once.

  • Stroud says he watched the Indiana movie as early as the 2017 season in order to feel fully prepared for Saturday’s game.

  • Stroud says he was “down at the start of the season,” but the team raised him and Ohio State is “rising” now.

  • Stroud says that while some fans are “really critical,” he still loves Buckeye Nation.

  • Stroud says “I feel bad for (Marcus Crowley)”, who was unavailable for Saturday’s game.

  • Stroud says he tries to enter every new game with a “blank slate” and that Ohio State didn’t just “relax” over the week off. Stroud says being around positive people helps “keep the momentum going.”

S Kourt Williams

  • Williams says it is “a blessing” to help the team succeed. Williams says Ohio State made “botched mistakes” in the game’s first defensive series.

  • Williams says the team’s confidence comes from their recent preparation.

  • Williams says Matt Barnes is usually the one “on the boards to tell us the adjustments” at halftime.

  • “It’s just a matter of getting reps. Williams says he felt healthy in early fall, but had to bring in reps to get comfortable.

  • Williams says “we’re going to be a problem. Unstoppable. ”

  • “I think it’s huge. We’re just taking one game at a time, and we’re just talking about stopping the race. This is the main job. ”

  • “We communicate better,” said Kourt Williams, the defense has come together more as a whole than in individual units.

  • On the upstream pressure: “When they do it in the trenches, that makes it easier for us. ”


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