“Rust” actor Alec Baldwin says camera was protected during filming, actors not – .

“Rust” actor Alec Baldwin says camera was protected during filming, actors not – .

Scenes of guns in the Alec Baldwin The “Rust” films were considered dangerous enough to offer some protection… but not protection for people, but rather the expensive camera.

Hudson describes what he says is something like a 3X2 foot shield, with the only part exposed being the lens. He stood 6 feet in front of the camera and wondered why there was a need to shield the camera while standing there exposed. He adds that there were people behind the camera, which gun experts shouldn’t have happened.

Hudson says he felt the scene was “in danger of death,” because real guns were pointed at him and blank bullets were fired, creating a puff of air that hit him several times. He also said he was hit by small pieces of cardboard.

The actor told us he didn’t complain because he was new to the business and believed he would be seen as a problem if he expressed his concern.

And, says Hudson, he and his fellow actors were alarmed enough to reference the accidental murder of Brandon Lee in 1993. He told us that they had discussed the fact that it doesn’t seem like much has changed in the past 30 years.

Hudson says the other more experienced actors checked their guns 2-3 times after receiving them from the gunsmith, and it didn’t matter whether they were told the gun was “cold” or “hot.” Baldwin did not check the weapon, but instead relied on the deputy director who assured him that the weapon was “cold.”

The gunsmith, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, is now under the microscope because of her inexperience … something she talked about in a recent podcast. But, Hudson says director, Joël SouzaHannah praised when Hudson was on set, telling her she was doing a good job.

As we reported, Souza was shot with the director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, who deceased of her injuries after being hit by a live bullet.

Ian’s character was killed in a shootout with Jensen Ackles‘character… and he said that was extremely disturbing.

Hudson added that he had never seen anyone use firearms recreationally when the cameras were not rolling.


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