Russian plane enters Alaska defense zone – .

Russian plane enters Alaska defense zone – .

Russian planes flew a little too close to Alaska on Thursday, but apparently did not enter US or Canadian airspace, defense officials said.

The planes entered the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone, which stretches hundreds of miles around the shore and is monitored for national security purposes, according to the Visual Information Distribution Service. defense of the army.

It is not known how far the plane buzzed from the United States, which is only about two miles from Russia at its closest point.

Defense officials are monitoring the area with satellites, ground radars, airborne radars and fighter jets, according to the article.

“We remain vigilant in our execution of aerospace alert and aerospace control for North America to deter strategic competitors from threatening the common interests of the United States, our allies and partners,” said Lt. Air Force General David Krumm, Commander of Alaska NORAD. Region, Alaskan Command and 11th Air Force.

The incident came a day after Russia sent two fighter jets to escort American warplanes over the Black Sea.

The Russian aircraft breached the United States air defense identification zone.

US bombers did not violate Russian airspace, and Russia carried out its maneuver in accordance with international airspace rules, the country’s defense ministry said.

“Russian fighter crews identified the air targets as two US Air Force B-1B supersonic strategic bombers, accompanied by two KC-135 refueling planes, and escorted them over the waters of the Black Sea.” Moscow said on Wednesday.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin attends a welcoming ceremony ahead of a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart in Kiev, Ukraine.

B-1B bombers have recently been deployed to the Arctic, Baltic and Black Seas as part of exercises with NATO allies, according to Air Force Magazine.

The incident came a day after Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin visited Ukraine and blasted the Kremlin for its continued occupation of the Crimean Peninsula while calling on Russia to end cyber attacks against the United States. .

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