Ruby Rose Batwoman allegations – .

Ruby Rose Batwoman allegations – .

“I wouldn’t come back for any money or if a gun were pointed at my temple.” “

In a series of Instagram stories, actor Ruby Rose explained why they actually left the CW series Batwoman – alleging horrific behavior and injuries on set.

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Ruby played the main character in 2019, but left the show after just one season. Ruby later said she made the decision to both be injured on set, the COVID pandemic, and be allergic to her latex costume. The role then went to Javicia Leslie for the second season.

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The injury Ruby faced on set was serious – she wrote on her Instagram in 2019, “I was told I needed emergency surgery or was at risk of becoming paralyzed. I had a herniated disc while doing stunts, and they were about to cut my spinal cord. (sic) I had chronic pain and yet I couldn’t feel my arms.

Writing on their Instagram today, Ruby wrote, “Dear CW, enough is enough. I’m going to tell the whole world what really happened on this set. “

Ruby Rose / Via Instagram : @rubyrose

“I will come for you so that what happened to me never happens to another person again – and that I can finally get my life and the truth back.” Shame on you. ”

Ruby first addressed former WBTV chairman Peter Roth, saying: “I don’t know if you left after being promoted to the top position because you just couldn’t stop. to puff your pants around your crotch – while you were still wearing said pants – or if you left after opening a private investigation into me, who you fired as soon as the report didn’t match your story. “

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“When it comes to you, there is already an army waiting for you. ”

Next, Ruby shared a video of a doctor discussing their ribs and calling them “abnormal” – followed by a statement saying Ruby had been told an x-ray would disrupt the shoot.

Ruby Rose / Via Instagram : @rubyrose

“Cut three weeks later after this video – it’s worse than abnormal. ”

Returning to the video after her emergency spine surgery after an accident on set, Ruby continued, “To anyone who said I was too stiff on set. Batwoman – imagine going back to work 10 days after that (or the whole crew and cast would be fired and I would drop everyone because Peter Roth said he wouldn’t be recasting and I just lost the millions of studios – in injuring me on his tray). “

Next, Ruby addressed the removal of two Comic-Con 2019 panels. She wrote that the decision was actually forced by people refusing to adjust her schedule, but who then insisted she do the ad – and covers his scar from the surgery while doing it.

In fact, Ruby went on to point out that they had not left the show, before describing a series of other alleged incidents that allegedly occurred on set – including a member of the team who received burns in the body. third degree “and we did not receive any therapy after seeing the skin fall off her face”, a sex scene they must have done immediately after, a woman “quadriplegic part” and Ruby herself being cut close enough eye to risk blindness.

The note then turns to showrunner Caroline Dries, who Ruby said would only visit the set about four times a year – and refused to stop production during the first COVID outbreak.

The note is also directed to Ruby co-star Dougray Scott, who told Ruby, “I hurt a stunt double, he screamed like a little bitch at women and it was a nightmare. He left when he wanted, and arrived when he wanted, and abused women. “

The stories end with a picture of Ruby’s spine, captioned “And for those who thought aw, the injuries.” “

We’ll keep you posted if the CW responds to Ruby’s statements.

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