Royal Marines chief died by hanging after “concerns about his marriage and career”, investigation finds – .

Royal Marines chief died by hanging after “concerns about his marriage and career”, investigation finds – .

The former chief of the Royal Marines died of a hanging after having “concerns about his marriage and his military career”, we learned during a hearing to open the investigation into his dead.

Major General Matthew Holmes, 54, was found in a bedroom in his home in Winchester, Hampshire on October 2, according to the investigation.

Major General Holmes, who had served in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan, served as the Commanding General of the Royal Marines from 2019 until April of this year.

Hampshire Coroner Jason Pegg’s short hearing in Winchester learned that police witnessed an incident at the family home on September 22.

Mr Pegg said: “It is suspected that Matthew Holmes had a number of concerns at the time of his death, including issues relating to his marriage and his military career. “

The coroner said Major General Holmes’ body had been officially identified by his wife, Lea.

The general “did not trust” the new new head of the armed forces

Major-General Holmes had said he had felt “shot down” by the new chief of the armed forces a year before his death, the Telegraph reported last week.

The veteran said he “doesn’t trust” Admiral Sir Tony Radakin and said he was undermined in a high-profile feud over the future of the Royal Marines.

He told a friend he felt like he had been ‘run over by someone without military judgment’ after Sir Tony sent emails ‘imposing his authority and keeping me compelled’.

It is understood that he and his wife were in the process of divorce and the 54-year-old was also seeking new civilian employment after being dismissed as chief of the Royal Marines.

Sir Tony, as the head of the Royal Navy, was the boss of Major General Holmes, as the Marines are part of the Navy.


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