ROH Talent contracts will not be renewed, more on the planned disruption, the future of the ROH TV show – .

ROH Talent contracts will not be renewed, more on the planned disruption, the future of the ROH TV show – .

ROH has reportedly released several wrestlers following today’s announcement of the company’s change to its business plan.
As reported, ROH announced today that they will be taking a hiatus during the first quarter of 2022. The pay-per-view Final Battle in December will be their last show until their return in April 2022 for the event. Supercard of Honor. It was noted that they plan to reinvent the company and come back with a fan-focused product. You can click here for the full statement released this afternoon and our original report.

In an update, Dave Meltzer reports that ROH has released “everyone” from their contracts. PWInsider adds that several wrestlers who were on ROH Company’s Zoom call today have been told that if their contracts expire at the end of this year, they will not be renewed. The wrestlers would then become free agents. Wrestlers who have contracts that go beyond January 1 will remain under contract for at least a certain period of time, rumored to be March 2021 and / or April 2021.

It was noted by Bryan Alvarez that wrestlers are free to work where they want immediately, despite their ROH contract status. Alvarez also said there was no truth to the rumors that Sinclair had canceled the ROH show.

ROH is still scheduled to record episodes of its weekly ROH TV series this weekend in Baltimore, and as previously reported, the December 11 Final Battle pay-per-view is also still underway for the UMBC Event Center in Baltimore. It has been noted by PWInsider that Final Battle will be a final chapter in ROH’s story, as whatever they end up being after the break will be a very different product.

ROH would still have a venue locked down for a WrestleMania 38 Weekend event in Dallas next year, which would be the announced Supercard of Honor event that was mentioned for their return from hiatus in April 2022.

As for the future of the weekly ROH TV show, it was noted that the series will continue to air during the hiatus, using a mix of archived footage and other content.

While it was reported that most of the business was on today’s Zoom call with officials, Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso reports that there are a number of ROH stars on the roster who were never told of the company’s plans, and only learned of the disruption when friends texted about them.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.


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