Roblox goes down, forcing kids out for Halloween – .

Roblox goes down, forcing kids out for Halloween – .

Garvey’s mother, Amber Coleman-Mortley, said she was using the blackout as an opportunity to explain to Garvey how business issues can affect their actions – Roblox went public in March – and the ripple effects that these problems can have on people.

“It’s the end of the month, people have to pay their bills, and if Roblox is their only source of income, that’s a problem,” Garvey said.

This was the case for Austin Enders, a 23-year-old from Indiana who relies on income from Roblox game development and two YouTube channels associated with the platform for a living. Mr Enders said he had saved enough money to avoid any calamitous event, but said the situation “still stank a bit”.

Ammon Runger, a 16-year-old developer, said that Halloween weekend was “absolutely the worst time that could have happened,” due to the many special Halloween-themed events the developers had planned for their. games. He said the developers estimated millions of dollars in revenue had been lost since the outage began.

Despite the presence of the Halloween festivities, kids looking for fun this weekend seemed more interested in finding something that could mimic the feeling of playing Roblox.

“It’s a little too late to go for a walk because I don’t have a suit,” Garvey said. “I guess I’ll just play other games like Animal Crossing. “


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