Rideau Transit Group Introduces New Plan to Return Closed Ottawa LRT Line to Service – .

Derailed Ottawa LRT car damaged Tremblay station platform, track infrastructure: BST – .

OTTAWA – Rideau Transit Group has submitted a new plan to resume service on the O-Train line, nearly four weeks after the light rail line closed following a derailment.

However, it will be Monday before the City of Ottawa releases details of the plan and whether it accepts the schedule for resuming service on the Confederation Line.

In a note to council early Friday evening, City Manager Steve Kanellakos said RTG provided the city with a return to service plan by late afternoon.

“This document is quite detailed and staff will review its content and do a preliminary assessment over the weekend,” Kanellakos said. “I will share the details of the plan and the schedule proposed by RTG on Monday. “

Sources told CTV News Ottawa that RTM’s return-to-service plan has a specific date, but staff need to review the entire plan to assess if it’s possible. Officials expect that when trains resume, it will be a gradual return to service.

The Confederation Line has been out of service since September 19, when a LRT car derailed at Tremblay station, damaging the car, track, station platform and track infrastructure.

On Wednesday, the board learned that Rideau Transit Group had identified a loose gearbox as the problem causing the derailment.

Kanellakos told the board that Rideau Transit Group said, “The bolts that secure the gearbox to the (light rail vehicle) have not been properly tightened or checked, according to Alstom.

The gearbox came loose and was dragged along the track, Kanellakos said.

The Transportation Safety Board said on October 7 that the LRT car derailed near the middle of the north platform at Tremblay station on September 19, but no problems were observed when the train entered the station or left.

“After some passengers left the train, the doors closed and the train started to accelerate slowly and then accelerated to around 35 km / h. There were no reports of unusual train operation or any track anomalies observed before the train, ”said the TSB.

“After crossing the railway bridge that crosses Riverside Drive, a train-triggered emergency braking would have occurred and the train came to a stop west of the bridge. “

The LRT car struck a signal mast and switch heater adjacent to the track.

Earlier this month, Rideau Transit Group submitted a plan and schedule to repair the system and resume service. A motion for the finance and economic development committee said the plan and schedule were “unsatisfactory” but provided no further details.

The return-to-service plan has not been made public.

The Philadelphia-based TRA arrived in Ottawa last week to review the city’s return-to-service plan and help resume service on the Confederation Line.

The September 19 derailment was the second derailment involving the two-year-old LRT system in six weeks. A train derailed near Tunney’s Pasture station on August 8.

With files from Ted Raymond of CTV News Ottawa


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