Résultats de WWE SmackDown (15/10/21): Banks vs. Lynch, plus!

Résultats de WWE Friday Night SmackDown (25/06/21) – .

WWE SmackDown Results
October 15, 2021
Lovell Porter’s report for Wrestlezone.com

Segment in the ring: Edge

Edge takes his place in the o of the ring. Edge says this thing with Seth Rollins started seven years ago. Rollins tried to use Edge as a stepping stone. Rollins knows that Edge was not medically cleared to compete. But Edge came to SmackDown to respond to Rollins’ challenge but Rollins went to Edge. Not his house, his house. There is a big difference. Rollins watches from behind the scenes. Edge underestimated Rollins.

Edge says Rollins is the only person who comes close to his passion. Rollins is not there yet. Rollins is not Edge light. Edge was wrong. It’s Seth “Freaking” Rollins. Rollins is her own man. Because of this, he has to put an end to it. Edge could go to Rollins’ house or he could have a chance meeting with Becky Lynch. But where will it end? Edge has had his moment of doubt, he won’t hesitate to knock Rollins down. In Hell in a Cell, Edge is going to scare Rollins’ soul and it’s not a scar that never heals.

King of the Ring Round Two: Finn Bálor vs. Sami Zayn

Bálor shoots Zayn down and hits a hammer. Bálor sends Zayn out of the ring. Bálor takes a dip. After the break, Bálor hits a kick from Pelé. Zayn goes upstairs. Bálor cuts it off. Zayn heads Bálor. Zayn jumps from the third rope in a Bálor dropkick. Zayn kicks. Zayn surprises Bálor with a blue thunder bomb. Bálor kicks. Zayn Bálor suplex in the corner. Zayn misses the Helluva kick. Zayn wraps Bálor with his feet on the ropes. The referee catches it. Zayn argues with the referee. Bálor lands two woo dropkicks. Bálor lands his patented double stomp from the top for the win.

Gagnant – Finn Bálor

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