Red list of travel and hotel quarantine should be abolished – .

Red list of travel and hotel quarantine should be abolished – .

A source said: “There is a strong will to abolish the Red List, but a final decision will be made on Thursday. That was quite the expectation with the added pressure of the Cop26. ”

Earlier this month, there was a major removal from the red list when 47 countries were removed in one of the largest reopening of overseas travel since the start of the pandemic.

The measures come amid a dramatic weakening of the Covid threat from abroad, with NHS data showing Britons traveling to Red List countries are now less likely to catch the virus than people who remain in the UK.

The proportion of positive test results from Red List travelers quarantined at the hotel fell to 0.77% by the middle of this month – less than one in 120 people. In contrast, the proportion of positive tests in the Kingdom United amounted to 1.14%.

The red list and hotel quarantine were mainly put in place to counter the risk of variants, but the only one currently detected is the delta strain – which is already dominant in the UK.

Paul Charles, managing director of travel consultancy The PC Agency, said: “There is no longer any justification for keeping a country on the red list. They should follow Ireland, which made the same decision a month ago to remove each country from its red list. list with immediate effect.

“It would be a popular decision on the part of the government, especially with so many ministers coming for Cop26, including ministers from countries like Panama that are on the red list. It doesn’t seem right for them to invite countries that are still on the red list to cop 26. ”

Earlier this week, the government also relaxed the testing regime for fully bitten holidaymakers returning to the UK by replacing expensive PCR testing with cheaper side-flow swabs. It follows the removal of pre-departure testing for double-vaccinated travelers returning to the UK.

Unvaccinated travelers must still undergo pre-departure testing, two PCRs upon arrival and must be quarantined upon return to the UK.


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