Ready to Play Like a Lion – Merge – .

Ready to Play Like a Lion – Merge – .

Survivor officially became the reality TV Xzibit meme. (Yo man, we heard you like twists …)

Yes, the tribes are now amalgamated (sort of), and in the annals of Survivors past, everyone usually eats, drinks a delicious island rum and is merry! Not anymore.

Season 41 continued to turn the madness up to 11, and for the very first time, the merge was split in two, with one player heading straight to Exile Island before meeting the rest of the cast! People even stepped away from a challenge which was a kind of immunity, but a kind of reward, but also ni of these things. (At this point, we may need to ask CBS to release a Survivor rulebook so we can keep all that ABSOLUTE ANARCHY straight. Does anyone else rewind a million times to go over Jeff’s latest dilemmas and if-then statements? Rented either the DVR and the streaming, I’m telling you.)

So WTF arrived in Wednesday’s episode? Let’s try to recap this banana fusion episode.

We start with an argument between Shan and Ricard, and while I wish we could get to the dang merger already, I’ll say this: Shan should have cut Ricard last week. Will this decision come back to bite her once the tribes become one? We’ll see. However, it gives him the additional advantage of voting.

At Yase, Tree Mail delivers the Milestone Merge message, and although Alex has told us they’re locked up as a quartet, Liana is “chomping down” to turn the tale on him. Luvu, meanwhile, is “broken,” according to Deshawn, but he still wants the blue team to vote together, at least for the first tribal.

A FEAST IS NOW TO SEIZE | Jeff tells us that the “biggest twist yet” is looming, and when he brings the tribes in, he tells them to drop their buffs. But they are not exactly merged. Here’s what’s going on:

A challenge is executed with two separate teams. The winners get a big feast, plus they get their fusion buff. And they go not must participate in the challenge of immunity. They are already safe. The losing team: No meal, no buff and they will have to face each other again later for safety. In addition, the two players who draw gray rocks will not compete in this challenge. Their fate will be decided by the winning team.

The competition involves digging up a big boulder and pushing it through an obstacle course and – you guessed it! – complete a word puzzle at the end. So who gets these tasty names? Ricard, Danny, Sydney, Deshawn and Evvie fill up hungry. But before they leave, they have to choose Naseer or Erica to join them (i.e. the two who are away). The other person will be taken to a separate island where they will live alone for two days and two nights. They choose Naseer to eat and Erica to skedaddle.

ISLAND OF EXILE | Erica is given a pot with water and a meager amount of rice. She tells us that she is the least equipped person to be outside, but that she is able to make her own fire, so, respect. She regales us with a story of how her immigrant family’s hard work ethic gave her the tools she needed to get through life. So she will get out of it too.

BACK TO CAMP | Shan makes a big snafu while asking Liana about her advantage over Tiffany. (Knowledge really is power, and Shan should have known better than to start chatting in front of others.) Plus, Liana always wanting to target Alex rubs Tiffany the wrong way. Looks like there’s a crack in the Yase Four after all, but will anyone else sniff it out and take advantage of it?

With Erica absent, Danny continues to prepare for her disappearance, but everyone is afraid that she will return from exile with an advantage in her pocket. Sucking that girl away might be easier said than done.

Shan and Liana extend their bond with Danny and Deshawn, showing that there is a real possibility of forming an all-black alliance. Could this be the start of a Cookout 2.0 on Survivor? (Note, this season was filmed in April and May of this year, long before guests moved into the Big Brother 23 to stay.)

EXILE | Jeff visits Erica, and this is where things get really crazy. He asks her about the emotional toll of her exile, and she says she feels like she has so much catching up to do when she gets back. (This is a critical moment in the game, after all.)

Jeff then drops a bomb. He presents her with an hourglass, and this special little item can be used to rewind the events of Survivor the story. If she smashes the hourglass with a hammer before returning to camp, she can change the results of this last challenge. Everyone who won the challenge and enjoyed the fusion feast (Ricard, Danny, Sydney, Deshawn, Evvie and Naseer) to lose their safety and can be rejected to the next tribe. This immunity will then be transferred to the other half of the players: Shan, Tiffany, Liana, Xander, Heather and Erica.

Did she choose to go back in time, and who became the first post-merger vote-out? We will have to wait until next week to find out.

Is there a chance in hell Erica habit break the hourglass? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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