Raleigh pediatrician examines Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine findings :: WRAL.com – .

Raleigh pediatrician examines Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine findings :: WRAL.com – .

– There is a lot of talk between parents and medical experts about children and the COVID-19 vaccine.

Meanwhile, Dr R Freirichs sees many patients whose parents are eager to get their children vaccinated against COVID-19. They are just waiting for approval to do so.

Many doctors hear questions from patients about COVID-19, but Dr Frerichs, a pediatrician with the North Raleigh Pediatric Group, insisted many of his clients are knowledgeable about the research and receive very little recoil against the vaccine.

Pfizer says its vaccine is more than 90 percent effective in children aged 5 to 11, according to details of a study released Friday. The FDA will debate Pfizer’s findings next week. Shooting could begin in early November, with the first children in the line fully protected by Christmas, if regulators give full approval.

Dr. Frerichs directs anyone with doubts to the CDC information.

“We have a group that really wants it – they’re waiting for the vaccine to be approved, and then we’ll start making appointments for them to come in. Said Dr Frerichs. “We are very fortunate in North Raleigh to have very educated people. We have people who have done some of the primary research or even involved in testing vaccines for children. “

Ted Enarson wants his son, who is immunocompromised, to be vaccinated. However, her son is four years old, slightly younger than this age group of 5 to 11.

“Our son is actually immunocompromised, so we can’t wait for the vaccine to be available to him,” said Enarson, who lives in Raleigh.


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