Princess Anne hailed as a solution to Franco-British fallout in Paris | Royal

Princess Anne hailed as a solution to Franco-British fallout in Paris | Royal

Last week, French fishermen pledged to block the Channel Tunnel connecting France to the UK in protest after Britain rejected three-quarters of France’s post-Brexit fishing licenses. France accused Britain of playing politics with the fishing rules after only granting licenses to 12 of the 47 applications that would allow small French boats to fish in British territorial waters.

But the Princess Royal, 71, was hailed as a potential savior from diplomatic fallout as she led her first overseas engagement of 2021 with a visit to Paris.
The Princess Royal paid a two-day visit to Paris this weekend to highlight the causes close to her heart.

The Princess Royal traveled to Paris for a series of engagements around the 2024 Summer Olympics, the 2023 Rugby World Cup and UNESCO’s 75th anniversary.

Now, Princess Anne’s visit has been described as marking the strength of an “indelible friendship” between France and Britain.

The official account of the British Embassy in France tweeted: “The royal flag symbolizes the arrival of the royal family in France.
“It also marks the strength of an indelible friendship between our two countries.

“With this official trip desired by HRH the Princess Royal, the first since the start of the pandemic. “

Others went on to echo the embassy’s comments.

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Someone else, @themaledaily, called Anna “worth more than your weight in gold.”

He continued, “Your mother is always so proud of you, and I thank you. “

Twitter user @ rickj13652958 wrote: “The Princess Royal is a wonderful representation of the UK everywhere she goes! “

Anne’s visit comes just days after French MP for Boulogne-sur-Mer Jean-Pierre Pont said French fishermen could block the Channel Tunnel in protest.

He said: “Since the British refuse to honor what they signed, like other Anglo-Saxons in another region, the French fishermen in Boulogne-sur-Mer could be obliged, after 9 months of unnecessary patience. , consider ways to fight back. against the UK – for example by blocking ports or lorries entering the UK through the tunnel. “

But the UK government defended its decision on the number of licenses awarded and said they were in line with the “trade and cooperation agreement”.

Sources also downplayed threats from France and stressed the importance of “constructive discussions”.

A source from Whitehall said discussions with the European Commission and France on the issue had been “cordial”.

They added that France’s comments were “unnecessary” and made it clear: “We want a cooperative relationship with our neighbors, not political threats. “

The European Commission has also come under pressure from French MEPs to introduce retaliatory measures which are justified by the UK’s trade and cooperation agreement with the European Union.


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