Prince Louis, 3, is still waiting for the royal step that cousin Archie has already taken | Royal

Prince Louis, 3, is still waiting for the royal step that cousin Archie has already taken | Royal

Although Archie does not yet have a title, he marked a royal milestone when he was just four months old while his cousin Prince Louis has yet to have the same privilege. Prince Louis, 3, has made official appearances with his parents and family since the day he was born but has yet to make a royal tour.

Travel restrictions induced by the Covid pandemic in 2020 have forced the royal family to manage many royal engagements online or in the UK.
Her siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte have seen royal visits abroad before, as has their cousin Archie.

Unlike Louis, Archie was on his first royal trip to South Africa when he was four months old.

At the time, in 2019, her parents, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, were still part of The Firm and roamed the Commonwealth as the Queen’s emissaries.

In Cape Town, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex took their son to meet legendary anti-apartheid activist Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter Thandeka at the Tutu Legacy headquarters.
Archie’s surprise public appearance marked her first official engagement and was shared by Meghan and Harry on Instagram.

Photos of smiling baby Archie quickly spread around the world.

Perhaps Prince Louis will be happy to travel to adventurous countries because, according to his father Prince William, he adores “the outdoors”.

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During an interview on the BBC Newscast podcast, the monarch said a few words about the abilities of his three children to cope with climate change.

William said, “I think he [George] has a definite sense of achievement and understanding, so education is really the key.

“So, for example, knowing not to abuse water, be careful with our resources, turn off light switches, things like that, which were instilled in me growing up.

“So yes, he’s fully aware, more than the other two at the moment.”

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“Charlotte is just a bit young, she still isn’t sure and actually Louis likes to play outside all the time – he lives outside.

“But I think they’re slowly starting to realize that these things are important, but when you’re that young you just want to have fun and enjoy it. “

The Duke of Cambridge also raised concerns about his generation of children who could still be talking about climate change in 30 years, when it “will be too late”, he said.


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