Prince Andrew will argue that use of ‘royalty’ in Epstein settlement renders lawsuit invalid – .

Prince Andrew will argue that use of ‘royalty’ in Epstein settlement renders lawsuit invalid – .

His US-based attorney Andrew Brettler said in a preliminary hearing last month that he believed this freed the Duke and others from “potential liability.”

The deal was communicated to the Duke’s legal team last week by order of a judge.

The reference to the royalty is likely to be seized by her legal team as they argue that she overrules Ms Giuffre’s claim.

No other member of the royal family was involved in the Epstein scandal or would have come into contact with Ms Giuffre, allowing them to insist that this could only apply to Prince Andrew.

The reference appears to dovetail with Ms Giuffre’s original complaint against Epstein, filed under the pseudonym Jane Doe in Florida, which stated: “In addition to being continuously exploited to satisfy any sexual whim of the defendant, the plaintiff was also to be exploited. sexually by adult male peers, including royalty, politicians, academics, businessmen and / or other professional and personal acquaintances.

The ensuing settlement was used by Alan Dershowitz, Epstein’s former lawyer, to strike out an abuse complaint Ms Giuffre had filed against him.

Risk of non-suit

He urged the judge in her case, Loretta Preska, to unseal the document, warning that he was “not obliged not to sit in silence” knowing its contents.

“The question in court is a matter of professional ethics and the interests of justice,” he said.

Mr Dershowitz told the Telegraph: “I cannot imagine how the case against the prince will not be closed based on the dismissal of the case against me. “

However, it is understood that while the royal reference is seen to be useful for the Duke’s case and gives his team grounds to argue that it should be dismissed, it is not as clear as they might have been. ‘hope.

David Boies, Ms Giuffre’s lawyer, described it as “unrelated” to the case.


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