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A man who clashed with actor Woody Harrelson on the rooftop of DC’s Watergate Hotel on Wednesday faces charges, police told News4.

Harrelson punched the man, whose name was not immediately released, after the man refused to stop photographing Harrelson and his daughter, the Metropolitan Police Department said.

From testimony, it appears the other man, not Harrelson, was the assailant, police said. Harrelson has not been charged.

Harrelson filmed in DC an HBO series called “The Plumbers of the White House”, on the Watergate scandal.

An HBO series called “The Plumbers of the White House” is filming in downtown DC on Sunday. News4’s Derrick Ward shows cars on set and indicates which streets will be closed.

DC Police were called to the Watergate Hotel around 11 p.m. after a report of an assault on the rooftop terrace.

Officers arrived and found several people on the roof, including Harrelson and his daughter.

A man who appeared to be intoxicated had taken pictures of Harrelson and his daughter, police said. Harrelson allegedly approached the man and told him to stop and delete the photos.

But the confrontation continued. Harrelson told police the man threw himself on him “to try and grab his neck,” according to a police report. A witness also said the man rushed at Harrelson, according to the report.

Harrelson punched the man in what police called apparent self-defense.

The man taking the photos was questioned in his hotel room. Charges are pending and an investigation is underway. The man’s name will be released once he is charged, police said.

A spokesperson for the Watergate Hotel declined to comment on the incident. Harrelson’s speaking agency did not immediately respond to inquiries.

Harrelson, 60, is the father of two daughters in their twenties and another teenage girl, The Guardian reported. We didn’t know which girl was with the actor on Wednesday night.

The Primetime Emmy Award winner and Oscar nominee has previously been accused of attacking photographers. Harrelson was ordered to pay photographers after an incident at Martha’s Vineyard in 1995, the Tampa Bay Times reported. The actor said photographers harassed his family.

Harrelson has settled a complaint filed by a photographer after an incident in Hollywood in 2006, the New York Daily News reported.

Three years later, he ran into a photographer at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, the Daily News reported.

“With my daughter at the airport, I was surprised by a paparazzi whom I rightly took for a zombie”, he would have declared, approaching the release of his film “Zombieland”.

The hometown celebrity and stand-up comedian featured his Netflix special in Northeast DC News4’s Darcy Spencer Reports.

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